Rude Awakenings- ever been awakened in the middle of the night?

  1. I was sleeping soundly with a cool mountain breeze filtering through the aluminum screens.
    Suddenly, I abruptly awakened at 3 a.m. to an unrelenting bitter-foul stench, one uncommon under a bedroom window, but prevelant as road kill along the long stretches of country roads.
    My husband, the avid hunter, armed with a flashlight and a shotgun, proceeded towards the hen house.
    While passing beneath the deck he heard a mournful cry.
    It was the cry of our Tigger, that had retreated under the picnic table on the deck, after being sprayed by a skunk.
    Needless to say, the stench continued on through the night. I had to close the windows and turn on the clattering old fan.
    I snickered with the thought that Hubby would have to grab a 5 gallon bucket and a few jars of tomato sauce to bathe the cat in the morning.:chuckle
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  3. by   shel_wny
    The last time I was awoken in the middle of the night I heard my husband freaking out and cursing and jumped out of bed to find him staring out the window at a man who was in the process of stealing our neighbor's bike off of his balcony. My husband opened the door, shouted at the man and proceeded to sprint after him. I was TERRIFIED as we lived in a low-income apartment complex in Dallas at the time and my husband didn't even think about the possiblity of the guy carrying a gun as he is Canadian and had just moved down. Needless to say I scolded the hubby when he came back and warned him about the inner-city violence of modern America. :P
    Couldn't get back to sleep that night.

  4. by   alexillytom
    Yep. We used to let our kids sleep in the bed with us. My daughter started having night terrors when she was about 3 or 4 years old. One night we were sound asleep and she started screaming, "Get away from me!" We awoke to her running over us trying to get away from the monster that was trying to eat her fingers. I remember yelling at my dh to catch her because she almost ran off the side of the bed. We got her
    and I rocked her until she was calm. She never even woke up. She acted out her nightmares until she was almost 5 years old. Talk about sleep deprived.
  5. by   kids
    Our bedroom is actually the family room and has garage access.
    A couple of months ago I woke up at 4 am to shuffling & soft thudding in the garage. Despite repeated kicking I couldn't get my husband awake before the noise quit. I figured it must have been my 19yo having a smoke and dinking around (my husband just had tools stolen since he won't shut the garage).

    Anyway, my husband gots up at 5 and looks out the front windows while passing thru the living room. He came and woke me up to the middle of my front lawn was a family of 5 raccoons trying to get the lid off our bin of cat food.

    So now we put a small bowl of dog food in front of the garage. Most mornings it is empty but critters don't get in our trash any more. And my husband closes the garage at night.
  6. by   TiffyRN
    I was visiting my aunt's house and sleeping that night on her couch. I woke up because it felt like a bunch of needles had just been stuck in my head and now something was attached. It was one of her 2-3 month old kittens that couldn't resist the movement of my hair, it jumped and dug all it's front claws into the back of my head!! No real injury but I did wake up screaming until I figured out what was up.
  7. by   BHolliRNMS
    My puppy sleeps with me. One nite, I awoke to a "thud." He had fallen off the bed and knocked himself out! I woke my husband up, cause I thought the little fella was dead...rofl.
    I have had a bit of stress in my life lately. Insomnia is worse, so I have fallen asleep on the couch a few nites lately. Last nite, I woke up about 2am and thought to myself, I should go to bed. Then I realized, I am in bed! lolol Then, I got up and went to work to take care of others. rofl
  8. by   Megsd
    Quote from BHolliRNMS
    My puppy sleeps with me. One nite, I awoke to a "thud." He had fallen off the bed and knocked himself out! I woke my husband up, cause I thought the little fella was dead...rofl.
    That reminds me, when my cat got spayed, she was spayed by the vet in his home (his wife gave us the cat), and we took her home shortly after the procedure to let her wake up. Apparently ketamine is a common anesthesia to use on cats, and so he warned us that when she woke up, she'd be a little trippy. So we got home pretty late (they live 90 minutes from us), and decided to set up a towel at the end of the bed and let her sleep with us. Then we went to bed.

    In the middle of the night I hear *thud*. The cat has fallen off the bed, so we picked her up and put her back on the bed and go back to sleep. Again, *thud*, she'd fallen off again, so we put her back on the bed and go back to sleep. A little later, *thud* again! We were both so exhausted by this point that we left her down there. She stayed under the bed for 3 days once she realized what trauma she had endured.

  9. by   ?burntout
    I live out in the country so if a skunk comes in our yard and sees our dog...that is it! :chuckle

    Also...the dog. She barks at anything that moves...and I mean anything.

    When we lived in our other house, the cats stayed inside and several mornings in a row at 4am, our cat Simba (RIP ) would wake me up. He didn't need anything but love, but it sure made for a cranky "mom and dad" :chuckle
  10. by   suzy253
    It's amazing that hubby and I sleep thru anything. You could probably set a bomb off and we wouldn't hear it. the other night we fell asleep with the TV on and hubby woke up to go to the b/r and there was a test-pattern type thingy on the TV and was making a God-awful sound--like a constant humming sound and it didn't wake either of us up. I sleep through the most violent thunderstorms as well. One thing that will wake me up though (usually) is one of the cats doing something--having an 'encounter' with the other one.
  11. by   mattsmom81
    Quote from suzy253
    One thing that will wake me up though (usually) is one of the cats doing something--having an 'encounter' with the other one.
    LOL...those dang howling cats can keep a whole neighborhood up can't they.

    Funny stories here...I have one too. One night heard a racket in the garage so I snuck a peek and saw my son's kite trailing across the cement floor and got hung up finally on the water heater...I snuck up on it and heard a loud hissing and something lunged out at me. Thought it was a cat at first, but no- it was a big ol' nasty possum... tangled up in the kite string. My young son laughed and laughed..." Look its flying my kite Mama."I opened the garage door and chased it out...DH got the 22 and tried to get it, but possum made it to the roof and all DH did was manage to wing our roof shingles...we still laugh about that night. :chuckle
  12. by   danaRN2b
    We have a king-size bed, but it still gets a little crowded with dh, me, the four kids (who all come in over the course of the night) the dog (who insists on sleeping under the covers), and the cat. I would say I wake up on an average of six times a night, what with all of the flying elbows and knees and feet...also the kids fight over who gets to lay by mommy. No one wants to lay on the side by Dad, "because he toots too much, Mama..." lmao
  13. by   JUSTYSMOM
    Yep, sure have! A few years ago, my husband & I were awakened at 3 am. It was the sound of our dog howling, barking, scratching, jumping at our patio window. He wouldn't stop. My husband got out of bed to see what all the racket was. Someone was attempting to get onto our patio. We called the cops, they came, guy was caught the next day. It was very scary to think that our son was in the other room...what if...

    Yeah for watchdogs!!! He got an extra treat that day!
  14. by   Angela Mac
    :chuckle thank you all very much, i love your tales.- angela