Royal Wedding

  1. did you see it??? was it telecast over in the us and canada???? wasn't her wedding gown magnificent !!! and when will i be able to stop typing in exclamations!!!!

    last update: saturday, may 15, 2004. 5:52am (aest)

    sealed with a kiss... princess mary and prince frederick (reuters)

    tears shed as mary marries her prince
    denmark's crown prince frederik has wed australian commoner mary donaldson, making her the first australian to join a european royal family.

    cheering crowds thronged copenhagen's flag and flower-filled streets as the wedding took place at the evangelical-lutheran cathedral vor frue kirke.

    mary, wearing a simply cut eggshell-coloured wedding gown with a six-metre train and a veil worn by both queen margrethe ii and her mother before her, was walked down the aisle by her father, john donaldson.

    prince frederik, wearing a gala navy uniform covered in medals, shed a few tears when he caught sight of his bride-to-be.

    after nearly an hour-long ceremony, the happy couple exchanged their vows and, according to lutheran tradition, clasped hands on their union.

    royal guest list

    royals including those of neighbouring norway and sweden, japanese crown prince naruhito, spanish crown prince felipe and britain's prince edward, were on hand to welcome mary into their blue-blooded midst.

    a number of politicians, including the icelandic and finnish heads of state, were also at the cathedral, carrying red and pink roses and candles for the occasion.

    the sun peaked through a heavy layer of clouds just as the ceremony ended, lighting up a sea of red-and-white danish flags interspersed with australian flags as frederik and mary stepped out of the cathedral as husband and wife.

    according to police estimates, about 100,000 danes, australians and other royal fans lined the route the couple's horse-drawn carriage then took to the amalienborg royal palace.

    there they waved from the balcony and kissed, evoking ecstatic cheers from the crowd below.

    the newlyweds were then driven to their new home at the fredensborg palace, about 40 kilometres outside the capital, for the official nuptial reception.

    the couple and their 428 banquet guests were served timbale of shellfish for starters, then roast venison from the royal forests, a vol-au-vent with white danish asparagus and bornholm chicken, and finally white chocolate delice for desert.

    the reception was expected to conclude with a huge fireworks display just after midnight.

    wedding-mad city

    in addition to the flags, huge bouquets sculpted into hearts and crowns have adorned city squares for days.

    portraits of the couple have been hung in store windows with the caption "tillykke frederik og mary" (good luck frederik and mary).

    leif, a dane from the town of vejle, took the day off work to join the crowds.

    "it's a big day for denmark, for the people, because the monarchy is so important to us. it's ... something special which unifies the country," he said.

    australians shane randall, 24, and claire van rossum, 26, say the wedding is a big event for them too.

    "we came to denmark especially for this," mr randall said.

    he and his fiancee watched one of many giant screens placed across the city to give as many people as possible a glimpse of the royal duo.

    "this is australia's first-ever princess. it's very exciting! she's the best thing that ever happened to australia," mr randall said.

    historic union

    the union between frederik and mary has been qualified as historic, marking not only the first time an australian joins one of europe's royal families but also paving the way for the first aussie to one day mount a european throne as queen.

    prince frederik, 35, and mary donaldson, 32, met in a sydney bar in september 2000 during the olympic games.

    the bar - the slip inn pub on darling harbour - organised its own celebration as birthplace of the fairytale romance.

    the pub stayed open until 4:00am today to broadcast the nuptials live.

    it switched its usual menu of pizza and thai food to danish meatballs and free carlsberg beer for anyone with a danish passport.

    after painstakingly keeping their relationship secret for 18 months, mary decided in 2002 to leave her quiet, anonymous life to follow frederik halfway around the world to become a danish princess.

    she has had to relinquish both her australian and british citizenships.

    with classic good looks - her dark mane that contrasts sharply with scandinavia's blondes - she quickly won over danish hearts.

    more than 80 per cent of danes polled last week said they thought she would make a good crown princess.

    -- afp
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  3. by   gwenith
    Here is a close-up of that dress wish I had a picture of the front - beautiful!!

  4. by   jax
    It was on too late for me, but I'll be watching the repeat this evening.... I'm a sucker for weddings, especially the over the top royal kind.

  5. by   nurseunderwater
    I swear with you all as my witnessess......I WILL COME BACK AS A SUPER CHIC PRINCESS NEXT TIME!!! ok, maybe i'll settle for just getting to wear that dress...

    OMG!!!!!!! Gwen! It's contagious! Help!
  6. by   gwenith
    I am not usually taken with them but this was beautiful. I really liked that dress - but the train - just about went down the aisle to the street outside LOL

    I thought Mary looked very regal and I loved the bit where her father wore his kilt into the church! That would have swelled the hearts of the Scots for sure!!!

    Here is a better pic of that dress

  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    just gorgeous. I hope they are truly happy for the duration of their lives together......the wedding is just the beginning, after all.
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Like the dress, the veil, not my style.

    This is what sucks about being engaged to my med-surg book. You miss out on the fun stuff. I had no idea those two were even getting married.
  9. by   Jrnalist2RNinOR
    Wow what a dress, it's like a fairy tale in real life....they are such a cute couple
  10. by   fergus51

    I thought this was a nice picture. She is certainly a beautiful bride.
  11. by   suzanne4
    Beautiful wedding....was able to watch it live on BBC news.
  12. by   Rustyhammer
    Yeah, she's beautiful, but can she cook??
  13. by   suzanne4
    Have any of you seen the movie "The Prince and Me?"
    She meets him in a bar in Wisconsin and he is the Crown Prince of Denmark.

    Mary actually met the real prince in a bar in Sydney during the Olympics
    and didn't know that he was a prince in the beginning.