Rolling on the flooring laughing my head off

  1. My sister is expecting a baby...

    so when it is past the due date... there are little humor bits that fly around ANYWAY......

    I was telling my mom that my sis would probably have her baby in between labour day and thanksgiving since I would be gone to Quebec.... visiting my brother and wouldn't beable to babysit for her.....

    So mom responded.... "all babies should be born between labour day and thanksgiving :roll
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  3. by   live4today
    Congratulatioins Auntie to be! It's just as much fun being an Auntie as it is being a grandparent. You STILL get to love the little darlings and spoil them rotten...then send them home to the parents to straighten out after you've ruined them. :chuckle Congrats to your sister, too! :kiss
    sandstormsdust - I sense some sarcasm? What's up?

  5. by   sandstormsdust
    sarcasim - i dare say.... she way supose to have the baby weeks ago.... - she did have a handsome li'l boy though... so of course.. my son and I are the proudest aunt and cousin that could be....