Rock On

  1. did i NOT get out of a speeding ticket last night on my way home from work? 73 in a 55...then it took me forever to find my license because it was in my checkbook....and he (a state trooper none the less) asks if i "had a long night at work" , it was like, 1:45am, i said yes and he said "well ma'am, we're gonna let you off with a warning this time, lets keep it under 60 the rest of the way home"
    i didn't believe you guys about cops being nice to nurses. Boy do I know!! i knew the pink blues clues scrubs were a good choice yesterday.....:angel2:
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  3. by   RNinICU
    I've never gotten a ticket when I am in my scrubs, just warnings. Got a few in civvies, though. Maybe I should just wear scrubs everywhere I go. Or maybe I should drive the speed limit.
    Rock on, indeed!

  5. by   l.rae
    Rock on indeed...l got a ticket once in scrubs...the policeWOMAN took no mercy, or maybe she didn't notice toll after she wrote the ticket..l don't know....anyway l was doing 52 in a 40 about 1/2 mile from home at 330 in am...argh! l keep a stethascope hanging on my rearview mirror...l call it my radar deflector..LOL
  6. by   sbic56
    I am convinced it was my scrubs that saved me a ticket once. Going 52 in a 35. "Oh so you must be on your way to work..."Chatted with the trooper a bit about how they frequent our ER so much and then he sent me on my way with a warning.

    My son got stopped after his shift at Arby's and got the same special treatment. He was sure the cop focused on the Arby's cap and decided this guy must be alright...

    Those of us in the "protect and serve" occupations are pretty tight.
  7. by   Cathy Wilson, RN
    Oh, yes! Twice, as a matter of fact! Just don't push the issue-don't want to take advantage of the guys (and gals).

    Got a speeding ticket on the way home from the Sate EMS Convention one year. Didn't matter to that cop one bit, what I did or where I had been! I think it was because I passed his unmarked car!
  8. by   WalMart_ADN
    we are the coolest lol.
    no i'm just kidding...i'm not like, proud of the fact that i got out of the ticket...i probably was driving too fast and i know i shouldn't have been...but i actually think the reason i got pulled over was so he could see if i was drinking or not, it was really late, my car is kind of sporty looking, and i look really young. cause i really don't remember going 72, 65 maybe.... :angel2: that's just what he said. and he didn't ask to see my registration or anything. i'm totally not condoning driving really fast to see if i can get out of a ticket lol. at any rate, i'm glad i didn't....

    oh...but we totally [I] are [I] the coolest :roll :kiss
  9. by   eltrip
    I had one of our fine officers tell me, "Why didn't you tell me you were a nurse? I've already started writing this ticket. Come to court & I'll help you get it dropped. Next time, mention that you had a hard day at work at the hospital." Honest & for real. He'd started writing the ticket & then noticed the frame around my license plate (it tells where I work).

    When I went to court, my charges were dropped (I'd supposedly ran a stop sign) & told to not get pulled over again for at least 6 months.

    I avoid speeding & other infractions of the law, but it's nice to know that some of our officers are willing to cut us a break from time to time.
  10. by   Mkue
    well maybe it was just your time for a lucky break !! :angel2:
  11. by   live4today
    Hmmmmmmm...I'm going to be wearing some nursing scrubs and put my stethoscope on the rearview mirror when I travel to the East Coast on vacation this Fall. :chuckle :kiss