RNs working in Pittsburgh?

  1. I remember noticing from time to time how many nurses on this board are based out of Pittsburgh.

    As part of a spin off from another thread (this board has become my own personal spider web, jumping from thread to thread), I'd like some info on nursing in Pittsburgh... which hospitals there are, where is good to work, where is not.... I'll be living in WV and commuting the 30-40 minutes to Pittsburgh for work.

    I greatly appreciate any info, and will share my butter pecan ice cream with you.

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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    reb- i lived in washington, PA for 2 yrs..didn't work in a pitt hospital..but just wanted to say if you move closer to pitt i'll come visit!!!lol..i love pittsburgh and miss it horribly!!!
  4. by   delirium
    Originally posted by sunnygirl272
    reb- i lived in washington, PA for 2 yrs..didn't work in a pitt hospital..but just wanted to say if you move closer to pitt i'll come visit!!!lol..i love pittsburgh and miss it horribly!!!
    Washington, PA.... for most of my life I thought the actual name of the town was 'Little Washington'... that's what all my WV family calls it.

    You'll have to give me all the non-nursing dirt on Pitt.... definitely come out and visit.

  5. by   Zee_RN
    One of Pittsburgh's monikers is the City of Hospitals. There are many! University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) owns many of them. They have lots of big hospitals including Presbyterian (where liver transplants originated with Dr. Starzl), Montefiore, Eye & Ear, Shadyside Hospital, Passavant, St. Margarets, recently acquired Children's Hospital, several outlaying hospitals such as McKeesport and Braddock. I know I'm missing some.

    The other big system in town is the West Penn Allegheny Health System which has seven hospitals (most familiar with these since I'm with this system). Allegheny General Hospital is 700+ bed tertiary care center and The Western Pennsylvania Hospital (West Penn) which is 500+ bed center. They have four community hospitals with my hospital being the largest community hospital, Forbes Regional, which is licensed for 300+ beds but not running at that. Suburban General, Canonsburg and Alle-Kiski Medical Centers in this group too (farther from city).

    Independently owned St. Francis just closed, a sad story. Mercy Hospital system is still on its own and has Mercy Hospital and Mercy Providence.

    Upper St. Clair Hospital. The VA Hospital.

    Oh, I know I'm missing more! There some farther from the city...Uniontown, Washington, Westmoreland, Jeannette, Frick, Latrobe...lots and lots of hospitals around here. I think Washingon Hospital is probably closest to the WV border, a community hospital. Allegheny General and Suburban General are probably the farthest--AGH is in the northside of Pgh and SG is northern suburbs of Pgh.
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  6. by   kaycee
    I don't like butter pecan ice cream but I'll share with you anyway.
    There are 2 major health systems in the Burgh, UPMC is the largest with WestPennAllegheny close behind. There are still a few independent hospitals, Mercy, Ohio Valley and Sewickley Valley(assoc with Beaver Medical Center). St. Francis Hospital another independent just closed.
    It depends on what your interest is. all hospitals are hiring and pay has gotten a little better since the shortage has worsened. Allegheny General, Presbyterian, and Mercy are all trauma centers and fairly large. West Penn is a large facility and is known for burn care and has the best NICU around. Shadyside is known for cardiac and orthopedic surgery. Magee is a womans hospital best for OB.
    Allegheny is known for trauma care and open heart. Presby for transplants. Mercy has a good burn unit also and has good cardiothoracic surgery. There is also Childrens Hospital which is probably being moved and expanded.
    There are also quite a few community hospitals that are very good. I don't want to bad mouth any places here but if you pm me I could probably be more specific.
  7. by   BadBird
    I work in Pittsburgh as a agency nurse, I work in Mercy and UPMC Presby ICU's Mercy is a nice hospital, not too small not too big, UPMC is huge but the patients are the sickest of the sick, very interesting cases but a lot of their staff nurses suffer quick burnout. Just curious but if you live in WV don't you want to work there? Uniontown Pa also had a UPMC facility and a small hospital in Brownsville is UPMC. The trouble with the small hospitals is that anything requiring ICU is flown downtown.
  8. by   nascargirl381
    I work at Childrens in Pittsburgh They are not moving for about 5 years (we are moving to where St. Francis is. They are also opening a new cardio-thoracic ICU which is paying a nice sign on bonus and for relocation. . There are many options, West Penn, Mercy, Presby, Frick, Shadyside, Beaver Med, Sewicley, Forbes.