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  1. Don't everybody take up war against me, it's just an opinion!!!! OK maybe I'm a little confused, but this RN that is looking for people who can testify that she was at WTC 9-11 so she can get some money--isn't that pretty greedy? I mean, she got help from Catholic charities, a big pile of $$ from Red Cross, and now she wants more! So she wants people to say they saw here there. She needs all this money for lost wages, etc. All she did was BREAK HER LEG! Is this messed up to anyone else? Call me heartless, but I think somebody's looking for a quick buck. A broken leg may set you back a bit but good grief. You can be back in a month and a half, right?! And she's a home health nurse, she doesn't even have to pound the floor all day. Does anyone else feel this way? Don't crucify me please!
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  3. by   Adrena
    I don't know enough to comment, sorry... (just didn't want you to feel ignored!)
    Do you have any links to news stories or anything like that about the issue that you could send us?
  4. by   NurseKimberley
    I saw the story at the allnurses.com home page, here is my attempt to post a link:


    I hope that works, I don't have a lot of experience with that!
  5. by   NurseDennie
    KimmyLPN - I was able to make your link work, but I didn't see anything about an RN trying to get in on the money.

    I don't really have very strong feelings about this one way or the other. I guess if she was hurt there, then she ought to get some compensation. You know that millions of Americans donated tens, maybe thousands of millions of dollars to various charities to be used for the victims of the attacks. I really don't think it's all been distributed.

    I'd just as soon see it go to someone who Volunteered to be there to help. See my point? I think that some of the people who were killed in the offfice buildings were people who already had millions of dollars anyway. Nothing against them, I wouldn't mind being rich myself. But I hope you see my point. The police, firefighters and their families definitely deserve compensation and their families of the ones killed should be supported as if the dad or mum had not been killed. So why should this one RN not be compensated if she lost time at work, had to pay medical bills, I don't know... Maybe just a copay or deductable, but I don't see a problem with her saying "I was there, I got hurt, somebody help me."



  6. by   NurseKimberley
    Here's a cut and paste of the story for those of you who couldn't find it:

    NY1 For You: Nurse Seeks Someone Who Saw Her At WTC

    FEBRUARY 19TH, 2002

    In the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York City, viewers have turned to NY1 for help with various issues, prompting us to create a special segment called "NY1 For You."

    Since then, NY1 has been helping New Yorkers with problems related to the disaster.

    In this segment, NY1 asks its viewers to lend a helping hand to a nurse who, in order to get financial assistance, needs to find someone who saw her at the World Trade Center site on September 11 and can verify she was injured in the attack.


    Catherine Nash was one of the many registered nurses who aided in the rescue effort. Nash and her daughter, Jennifer Petrillo, said they received clearance through the American Red Cross to go down to the World Trade Center site and help on September 11.

    "We were thinking, there must be thousands of people injured there," Nash said. "There's a shortage of nurses. We knew that we were qualified to help, and so Jennifer said, 'Let's find out what we can do.' She called the American Red Cross."

    Nash said that while assisting doctors, she injured herself.

    "I started to go up onto the rubble of the World Trade Center, and I was climbing up, but it was really slippery," she said. "I got maybe halfway, and then I said, 'This is nuts.'"

    As firefighters were helping her down from the rubble, she said she slipped.

    "I started coming down," she said. "And just when I got to the bottom is when I fell. Everything was all beams, twisted steel. There was no concrete, no glass - just all twisted steel."

    Nash had broken her leg.

    Employed as a home care nurse, now she has no insurance. The agency where she works doesn't offer disability benefits either, so Nash could only get about $170 a week from the state, which, when taxed, is about $156 a week.

    Petrillo said her mother was able to get a little bit of help from Catholic charities.

    "I'm the only one able to work and help everybody in the house, which is very stressful for her," Petrillo said. "It's hard. She can't do what she used to be able to do. If she could go to work, she would rather go to work than to go through everything she's going through. It's very difficult; it's a lot of stress on everybody."

    In order to receive assistance, Nash has to prove that she was injured at the site on September 11. Petrillo and Nash called "NY1 For You," desperate to find someone who recognizes them from that day and can verify they were there.

    Nash said several people saw them, including two detectives who picked them up on the Brooklyn Bridge and drove them home. So the mother and daughter have made up flyers to post at local precincts in hopes that someone will recognize them.

    Nash is also searching for a doctor whom she said she assisted that day.

    "I think her name was Dr. Catullo," Nash said. "I thought she said she worked in Brooklyn at Victory Memorial Hospital. I called the hospital two or three times - I called human resources - and they said never heard of her."

    Since we met with Nash, the American Red Cross has given her a sizable check, but she said it won't be enough to cover her lost wages and future medical bills stemming from the injury.

    If you recognize Nash from September 11 and can verify that she was Downtown, call (917) 723-8042.

  7. by   Mary Dover
    Kimmy- I read the story and must say I was a little confused by it. If I recall correctly, at the end it said something about her and her daughter were walking home and someone picked them up on a bridge and gave them a ride home. Did I miss something? Because I was wondering how and why she was walking home if her leg was broken.
  8. by   prn nurse
    and compensate her well. She saw a human need and responded. How many stories have I read of people who said they ran like hell across the bridges to safety? (I would have). This woman and her daughter "did the right thing." And she should be compensated for injuries suffered as a good samaritan.
    I broke my leg 20 years ago. Sprained my ankle in the parking lot leaving work. When I fell, it cracked a small bone in my knee. The hairline fracture was not an inch long. I walked for 3 days before going to the doctor. Wore a full leg plaster cast for 2 1/2 months, painful physical therapy for another 3 months. Same scenario, I was an agency nurse with no insurance benefits. So, I was off work 6 months, paid all my medical bills, no sick leave, no vacation pay, nothing. Six months with NO income. One of the things that happened to me that was a surprise, is the depression that set in about a week after it happened. I was on crutches, and had never been disabled. I cannot imagine how depressed I would have been if I was at the World Trade Center and injured.
    For 15 years, I basically forgot about the break. Now, 20 years later, I sit here with my foot swollen twice the size it should be. And I am on blood-thinners to prevent a thrombus. And, yes, the old fracture site hurts, Motrin usually cures it... the point is: a broken leg is never as simple as it seems. I once thought a broken leg wasn't a big deal.
    Have you ever noticed every occupation acknowledges and bestows honors on its' employee's? Except nursing. This nurse should be on the front page of the New York Times with accolades and honors, not begging for crumbs. Is she not the right color? the right religion? the right ethnicity? the right career? This is an insult to every nurse in America. We should mount a campaign of indignation and support for this woman's benefit. Nurses dead and injured....and all we hear is police and firefighters. We may as well be in Afghanistan.
  9. by   NurseDennie
    You're right!

    I feel a lot more strongly about it now.


  10. by   NurseKimberley
    I guess I'll just forget the whole thing! I just hate to see people who are trying to benefit from the whole disaster, and didn't really need it. And BTW, I don't feel sorry for agency nurses with no insurance or sick leave, you guys give that up when you go agency to make more money--it's part of the bargain. Some of us toil at a steady job trying to make a career/future there. OK I'm off the soapbox now, don't kill me.
  11. by   Brownms46
    Dear KimmyLPN,:

    By the way...Kimmy is what I call my wonderful daughter.

    First...IMHO I don't understand how you can say this nurse didn't need the money. Second...the article stated she had received a "sizeable check". How were you able to determine whether she "didn't really need it" or not ? Third...I support her from just knowing that she went to the awful place, and put herself at risk to help someone else. Fourth...Should they give only to those who were injured, or to the families of those killed, who really needed it? Should this nurse have just said to herself..."why I should try and help anyone...I might be hurt...and I don't have insurance...so I'm going to stay in my own comfort zone...and watch out for my own self. I'll just forget about the fact that I'm a caring, concern citizen and well trained nurse. ...who might have something to contribute....who might be able to lend a helping hand to someone in need."

    Fifth: I have learned that you can't take what is written in a news article and put stock in every word written. I once was intereviewed by a "Roving Reporter". When I read the article in the newspaper...if the words written hadn't been under my picture...I would have sworn it had been said by someone else. I couldn't find ANYthing that resembled what I had said!

    And last but not least...I'm sorry that you have no sorrow in your heart for us...Yes I'm agency nurse too. Big difference with me, and many others is that , WE DO get bennies AND a higher pay!

    Just because I'm and others like me don't go on staff...we are still building a career and a future for ourselves. Everyone should have the ability to work and enjoy life as they see fit, and not be looked down on, or dismissed because they have decided to go a different route than the next person. I TOTALLY support your career choice and I hope you would do the same. :
  12. by   Mkue
    I hate to sound ignorant but after she injured her leg was she transported to an ER where an ER report would be written that she injured herself at the WTC and the people that brought her to the ER could probably verify that on their log books. Just trying to think of a way that the injury was documented. Anyone that assisted her to the ER or transport vehicle could probably verify that she was injured while trying to rescue people in the rubble.

    I don't know if that would work, just a thought.

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  13. by   Q.
    I guess I am just confused by the whole thing. I haven't supported the donating of cash anyway to ANY victims; time and effort, clothing, food, etc are one thing - but CASH I disagree with. Should people be compensated every time there is some disaster? What about Oklahoma City? They didn't get any CASH from people like this, so what makes 9-11 different?
    By god these damn taxes and paying for everybody's everything is going to make ME broke!
  14. by   Brownms46
    Dear mkue,

    I don't feel you're ignorant at all! I think you made some very valid points. But I have a "feeling"...not sure mind you that this maybe a case in which she didn't go immediately to the hospital, and just might the same scenario as another posted wrote about her own experience with a fx.

    Now...cash contribution were given by many ...INCLUDING ME AND MY DAUGHTER! WE gave because WE were overwhelmed and wanted to do something!

    My daughter and I felt quilty that here we were all comfortable, healthy...and there were people suffering, and "we" ... thank GOD were safe! I even felt gulity because that was all I could do was give money! If I could have ran down to ground zero I would have...just as that nurse states she did!

    I also have friends and loved ones in NYC...and I couldn't be there! I would have given anything just to help ME feel better about not being able to be one of those down at ground zero, who were doing whatever it took to help! I also pay taxes.. a WHOLE LOT of taxes...as I'm single with grown up children. And so did those people, their families, and their friends who were killed, and mained on that dreadful day!

    I'm very sorry some feel the way they do about this nurse...it saddened me...I mean it really does.