Ripped off on my vacation...

  1. After handing in the choices for my vacations this year, my nurse manager lost the stupid sheet of paper that it was written on! It was to be handed in by Jan.1 which I handed mine in on the 28th of Dec. (I am 3rd on the list for senority)When time was approaching for my first vacation and I saw that I was scheduled to work, I had to ask her about it. Her reply was, "oh, you're on the list of those that I never received any vacation time." Told her that I gave it to her and she said that "I don't remember." Told her I have a copy of it at home and I'll bring it in...In the mean time, I'm shoved at the bottom of the list for senority. Found out from another nurse that she found it on the desk at the nurses station and slid it under the NM's door. NM said that she never received it. 2 months go by and the assistant manager says, "Look what I found on top of the lockers in the locker room! Do you want me to frame it???" I told her, "Yeah, in the biggest frame that you can find!!!" So I wound up getting none of the weeks that I requested, but it's ironic that every week I did request, seems that the manager or the a$$. manager has their vacations scheduled! And last year the old a$$. manager did the same thing except she at least gave me what I requested anyway. Now when it comes time for me to hand in the vac. sheet this year, I'm going to have them sign on the bottom that they received it. Is that too much to ask? They'll probably think this one is nut case. But we have to sign that we received certain things at work, so they should sign that they received certain things from us staff members. Any other suggestions? I wonder if they'll sign it at all...It just frosts my big butt that after working all of these years and finally building up the senority thing that these fools come along and mess things up. I was supposed to be off last week and the weather was sooooooo nice!!! Thanks for taking the time to read my "story." If you have any better ideas as to how I might approach this issue this year, PLEASE let me know.......I'll appeciate any input.
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  3. by   leesonlpn
    You got ripped off royally!!!What a bunch of poop heads. Like vacations come around frequently, and yours was a disaster. We hand in forms too that "GO MISSING" I make copies like you with a dateon them. When it "doesn't" happen, I take the form to our program manager. She'll call staffing and find out the form was never submitted. She will do her best to get coverage all the while cursing who should have done it in the first place We are not getting many holidays here as the pending nurses strike and ban on overtime etc. Basically, no casuals to cover holidays. They say take a break before you break,. Kind of hard to when they screw up your holiday like that. I have a mental xmas card in my head, and when someone ticks me off at work, I inform them they are off my xmas card list. Needless to say they are usually devastated.On the other hand, those who have gone that extra mile get put on my xmas card list, and they are usually speechless. I know this is naughty, but can you take a mental health day with some of your days off to get some time in for yourself? Those people sound like real idiots. Those are the kind you need a holiday from! here is a spot of sunshine for you. Hold your nose up to the screen and feel the warmth.(Of course it's not static) I know what goes around comes around, but I'd like it to happen in my lifetime.
  4. by   CEN35

    OMG! I would freak! I would tell them, hey I handed it in, you lost it, not me. I did not leave it up on the lockers.....and I will not be here. Sorry, but I made what you muct. It can't possibly be the only place up there to work now can it? Besides, what good is seniority after two years of botched up vacations? You might as well be low man on the totem pole. Forget that.......I would be on vacation, or HISTORY! In either case they would be without me, it would just be to their benefit, to give me the least that way you would be back and they wouldn't have to hire someone else.

  5. by   fiestynurse
    When I was a nurse manager, I went out of my way to make sure that nurses received their requested time off. That is so important in the retention of employees!! There had to be a major conflict in order for me to deny vacations and I usually discussed it first with the employee and tried to work something out. Your nursing manager should be working with you to resolve this mix-up. You really need to be insistant!! It sounds like they need a better system for vacation requests. You should get feedback long before the schedule comes out. You need to have some way of ensuring that it was received and noted by the manager in a timely manner.
  6. by   Hypoxic Pixel Eyes
    What an insult!!!!!
    At my former employer I ran into the same DISRESPECT. It was not about vacation time,but something that I was told would be resolved and was not.
    I told my manager that I was hurt,not angry.
    I counted on her and she let me down. I trusted that she would do this for me just because I was an excellent employee and that I gave her my best effort ALWAYS and that that would be rewarded with her respect.
    Not just because it was her job!
    I told her that if she fixed the error immediately all would be forgiven and understood that it was not because she disrespects me but simply a mistake she will take care not to let happen again.
    "Fixing" means giving me what I asked for when I deserved nothing less when I give nothing less to her.
    It was not only fixed, but she reported the progress of its being fixed and she never did it again. Why? It was the fact that she did care, but made an honest mistake. We had mutual respect for eachother after that and an excellent working relationship.
    Did you earn it or not?
    You earned it!
    Did they earn your understanding in their "oversight" of your vacation request?
    Hell no!
    I would show them that no matter what the occurence of the "oversight" that it is their responsibility to answer to it.
    If you had made such an irresponsible error in judgement in regards to pt care you would certainly be expected to make it right wouldn't you?
    If you are expected to accept anything less from those that are entrusted with the care of your trust then the value of your seniority is mute.
    Other hospitals will offer you the same empty promises.
    Make them accountable!
  7. by   hiker
    KIll them all!
    (Sorry, had a bad day @ work)
    Honestly, tell 'em you made reservations, whatever, and absolutely CANNOT be there at the time you specified!
  8. by   lita1857
    I agree with alot of previous posts especially "kill them all" however going postal is always my last option and I usually give a disclaimer prior to...depends on how bad you need the job? can you go to the next level? could you submit a letter to Dear a$$hole nurse manager and copy to HER boss.....just being as professional and Factual as possible. For instance "here is a copy of my vac request submitted on Dec 28th 2000, note scheduling error(enclose copy of schedule for higher up)THEN comes the hard part...decide if this is the line in the sand or if it's negotiable.Example "I will not be available july1st thru july10th"MOST important do your homework prior to!!!!!Know the vac policy and procedure to the letter. Best of Luck!!! what they did was horrible-and everyone should know what scum management is.
  9. by   CEN35
    no comment on the last post.
  10. by   oramar
    Sometimes I wonder if losing things is not a passive agressive ploy some people use to stick it to someone they have some issue with.
  11. by   fiestynurse
    I think you are on to something Oramar!
    And if you ignore the comments about "killing them all" and "scum management", lita1857 has a good idea about putting your expectations in writing and submitting them to management. You may want to quote certain parts of your organization's policy in your statements.
  12. by   cmggriff
    I like the "kill them all" option. How about maiming? Is maiming better? I'm about ready to quit this cess pool I work at myself. Too many jobs to stay here long.
  13. by   fiestynurse
    O.K maybe you could do a little maiming. How about just slapping them around a little?
  14. by   tiger
    my manager is awesome. she gives time off whenever you ask--even when the schedule is already out and she knows she will be slammed by her boss for overtime. i love my boss--and she is not only nice she is good at her job, fair, and also a pt. advocate and hospital chaplain. however i'm afraid she might be retiring soon. so sad. j