Reunion for New England Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing class of 1981

  1. hi there everyone....guess what, as the secretary of the class many moons ago, i am supposed to be figuring out how to put some kind of get together, if anyone works with or knows of any one who graduated from the new england deaconess hospital (in boston, ma) school of nursing, 1981 please let me know....i am at would love to hear from any deaconoids, whatever the year of graduation.....thanks! if anyone knows anyone from 1981 please tell them martha crowninshield would love to hear from them!
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    Well, THIS is pretty cool, for me at least...My sister in law called me to tell me her new primary care doctor noticed her last name and asked if she had a sister in law who was a nurse (me)...She mentioned that we had gone to school together at the Deaconess and that she, a member of the class of 83, lived right across the dorm from me, and remembers me always telling her that as a senior, if I could make it through, SHE certainly could...Seems as though she worked there for awhile, hurt her back and then decided to go on to med school.! Who knew? So, you never know who will remember you!