retail therapy anyone?

  1. Bought out the store at mervyns today! 5 bras, 1 pr jeans 5 pairs of slacks, and 1 pair of Dockers. Guess how much? $192,plus $8 manufacturers rebate!

    Would have gotten another 10% off but couldn't get approved for a Mervyns account They think I'm overextended - the nerve!!!

    Anyway, seing as I only had 2 pairs of pants to wear to work (one had a button missing), I thought it was time for drastic measures. (It's been windy and rainy here for past 2 weeks.)
    Hey, if we don't spoil ourselves once in a while who will do it? I gave up on men buying me flowers and jewlery a long time ago! Now I just by them myself (and i get what I want every time that way, hahaha).

    Any other recent retail "scores" out there?
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  3. by   pkmom
    I'm not a big shopper, but it sounds like I should find a mervyn's!
  4. by   kids
    We alway put off school shopping until after the hype. This year we got for 2 boys, 17 & 18 (who wear XL, 2XL, 38X32, 40X34, size 12 & 13 shoes):

    8 pants: 2 old navy khackis, 2 Gap flight pants, 4 jeans: FUBU, Ecko, Quicksilver, Billabong

    6 colored plain tee shirts

    8 logo tee shirts (long and short sleeve): Hurley, Emerica, Etnies, Quicksilver, Freeworld

    2 Hoodies: Hurley, Quicksilver

    8 short sleeve button shirts: Gap, Old Navy, American Eagle

    2 pair of shoes: Etnies

    24 pair socks

    6 pair flannel boxers

    6 pair boxer briefs

    2 video games (Playstation, Nintendo 64)


    GRAND TOTAL: $650.00
  5. by   leesonlpn
    there is a thrift store in my town that is sponsored my mental health. I get all my nursing uniforms there, are next to new, for no more than 2 bucks each. Jeans are 25cents, sweater range from 75 cents to 3 bucks. I got my pink wool coat I wear to work for 6 bucks.(However it cost me twenty to dryclean it).I got my son a tuxedo jacket for his upcoming grad for 10 bucks.(I can't tell him where I got it or he wouldn't wear it. Lots of deals. I don't shop anywear else. I have not bought anything brand new for myself in years. Kids of course are a different story.
  6. by   RNforLongTime
    kids-r-fun--I started having chest pain after I read how much you spent on back to school shopping!

    Retail therapy is the best! Am finding it very hard NOT to buy myself anything during this Christmas holiday season when I am supposed to be buying for my family and friends.

    I can always spend a bundle at Bath and Body Works!

    I hate buying myself clothes--except nursing uniforms--I HATE trying clothing on in the stores.
  7. by   kennedyj
    Originally posted by craff1
    5 bras, 1 pr jeans 5 pairs of slacks, and 1 pair of Dockers. Cheryl
    wow. Thats a lot of pants and Bras. no shirts huh! Are you doing anything this weekend. LOL. just giving you a hard time! LOL
  8. by   kids
    Originally posted by kaknurse
    kids-r-fun--I started having chest pain after I read how much you spent on back to school shopping!
    Its really not bad relative to how much we got (and the 'usual' prices of the stuff)...when you subtract for the video games it works out to $300 each from skin to shoes. And it is a once a year deal in that they buy all of their own clothes (except for bday and xms gifts) until next year.

    I've been using the same Master Card for school clothes since 1984 when my oldest started school (was a tiny little high intrest card then. The keep sending me bigger and better cards and I keep sending them back. I pay it off by Feb 1 and then it sits until the following mid September.
  9. by   craff1
    lol jared - I didn't think about it that way! It's just that I'm always spending money on the "oustside" stuff, so by the time I get around to buying the under stuff, it's badly needed! No boyfriend to appreciate them anyway, so I don't sweat it.

    By the way guys, I found a tri-colored gold pendant, earrings, and ring for 107. out the door!! (Cost me $15 to size the ring, but still, a good deal).

    Best christmas presents are the ones we buy ourselves!