requirements to become RN in NY

  1. I have a question about how to become a register RN in New
    York. My girl friend graduated in China Medical School with Master Degree and has two years experiences in China City Hospital as Doctor. I would like to know what kinds requirements and documents does she need for her to become a register RN in New York (please lists in detail)?
    Thank you for the help.
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  3. by   Talino
    Assuming your friend is not in the US.....

    First she must get in touch with the Board of Nursing of the country of origin if she is eligible to take the Nursing exam. She must pass the test and become a licensed nurse of that country.

    Then she will need to pass the CGFNS exam. All foreign nurses need to pass the CGFNS exam to be able to apply for a nurse position in the US, except for 3 states (?).

    Once she passes the CGFNS, she will need an employer from the USA. Some countries have recruiters for nursing placement in the US. Beware of scofflaws. I strongly recommend checking with your Labor department.

    If hired by a US employer, she will need a working visa, passport, proof of employer sponsorship, etc. Once in the US, she will be granted a "graduate nurse permit" good for one year by the state's Board of Nursing. During this period she will need to pass the NCLEX (US nursing licensure) to be able to continue employment status as a nurse. If she fails to pass the test after a year, she can lose that job.

    But if she is already in the US, she should get in touch w/ the state's Board of Nursing if she qualifies to take the NCLEX.

    That's my limited knowledge but hope it helps.
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  4. by   tamj123
    to Talino,

    she is in New York now. So does she need be licenced in China before she can take the nurse test?
  5. by   Talino
    Since she's in NY, she does not need to be licensed as a nurse in China. Granting she has all her credentials as an MD, she may qualify to take the NCLEX. E-mail the NYS Education Dept. to get more info ....

    If she passes the NCLEX, she will acquire a NYS RN license.

    Assuming she has a legal US residency status, she can apply for a nursing job anywhere in the US.

    However, if she's here on a temporary visa (visitor's, student's, etc.), she will need a US employer who will be willing to sponsor her on an H1 or H2 visa (working visas). Granting a dire need for nurses in some areas, most likely she would. Know more about these types of visas from the INS...

    For an average fee of $250.00 you might be able to hire an immigration lawyer to assist you in this process. There's a hassle involved if you do it yourself, but if you've got time and patience, that's $250.00 saved. Good luck!
  6. by   tamj123
    Thanks !