Remembering my Grandmother

  1. I was just eating a bunch of grapes and remembering my brothers bragging that our grandmother would peel grapes for them to eat. My mom recently heard them saying this and about died laughing. Turns out grandma was "peeling" away bad parts from the grapes, not spoiling her grandsons...
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  3. by   Fgr8Out

    This Fall will be 5 years since my Grandmother's passing. I'm 42 years old and I STILL miss her like nobody's business. Things that especially bring her to mind are when I bake, can fruits and tomatoes and make jam. I find myself thinking on her whenever I sing songs to my Grandson that my Grandmother used to sing to me. Camping up in Lassen Park, Hat Creek and other familiar areas bring back fond memories of never-to-be-forgotten times.

    I suppose most of this is because I spent so much time with my Grandparents... especially summers, when we'd spend the entire time on their small farm....

    Thank you for the post, KaraLea