Religious Holiday????

  1. I was listening to the news this morning and they were talking about a month long religious holiday in Afghanistan. They are asking that we stop our bombing etc. because of this holiday. I'm sorry, but they could stop the whole thing by turning over Bin Laden and his coerts!!! How dare they ask us a favor after everything that they have done to our country and many others!!!!!!!!!!!! I for one am really offended that they would even have the "nads" to think for one minute that they have the "right" to ask us for a favor!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone else have an opinion?????
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  3. by   fergus51
    Who's asking? The Taliban? They are completely nuts, so I guess it shouldn't surprise me too much...
  4. by   semstr
    hey, next time they ask for more peanutbutter! LOL
  5. by   BeachNurse
    Are they talking about Ramadan? The Islamic holiday?
  6. by   Yocanohawken
    I'm all for the women, children, and elderly over there having some extra blankets and food for the winter......but I am confused as to why the I.R.C. and and W.H.O. have to be the ones to distribute them......we've been air dropping food (granted not necessarily what they would want, but edible and life saving) for over a week now

    ......why can't the Orgs. have (allow) the blankets and food air dropped by our military planes over Kandahar and the other major areas (and outlying areas too) for the people? The Afhgan people are picking up the ration drops already, it just seems like it would be a faster solution to distribute the items to the people that need them......

    Just my humble opinion/suggestion......
  7. by   donmurray
    6 million people heading for starvation, 5200 TONS of food per week needed, winter coming hard and fast (1 month tops ) Air drops are just that, drops (in the ocean ) Dropping food with bombs is kind of a mixed message, don't you think? At best they are a sop to our western conscience, at worst, a cynical PR excercise.
  8. by   roachell
    I think we could feed and clothe them all if Pakistan would let them into their country. They are blocking the border. So if these people die the world can blame Pakistan.
    Ramadan should not slow us down.
  9. by   Yocanohawken
    Hi Don,
    Point taken, quite clearly, and quickly at that truth be told. I do see the problem with the generic idea I had, and I know the weather is turning fast. I was just trying to think of a 'fast' way to 'help' get the supplies to the people. Given the amount of food and obviously clothing/blankets/etc needed, I just can't imagine that the IRC and WHO can get all of it distributed (in any amount of time) without some sort of help......that's all I was looking at, a way to get more of what is available to more of the people in less time. I wasn't looking at it as an exercise in public relations by any means. It was just an idea......

    On the request re: Ramadan (Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf talked about it in an interview re: his decision to support the US) - I'm not Muslim, so I had to go look it up to understand what it means. All Muslims are involved in Ramadan, it's said to be the holiest period of the Islamic year -reference:
    So, I dunno myself.....if I were Muslim, I guess I would ask for a break during that period but I wouldn't expect it as 'a given' that anyone would comply with the request.....
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  10. by   BeachNurse
    Ok, maybe I am in a bad mood...maybe I am PMSing.

    BUT why should we stop bombing because it is a holiday?? As someone said, all they have to do is hand over bin Laden and his cronies!

    When was our chance to ask for mercy? Were we given time to evacuate 4,000+ people from buildings before they were killed? So WHAT if it wasn't a holiday. There were innocent people going about their daily lives. What chance did THEY have?? Our lives were disrespected in the worst kind of way. I am not in the mood to be considerate of the Taliban.
  11. by   essarge
    I was speaking about the Taliban wanting us to stop for Ramadan. I find it totally ludicrous that they or we would even consider stopping what is going on unless they turn over Bin Laden and his crew.

    Also, if we stop this "war" for the month or so for this "holiday", wouldn't it give the Taliban and Bin Laden more time to create more terror in the world????? And allot more time to plan it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I SAY NO!!!!!
  12. by   3651bht
    IF the Taliban turns over Bin Laden how will we know it is really him? Does the FBI have his fingerprints on file? And do you suppose he has any lieutenants who might take over??? Just curious???

    May the sun shine brightly on you, in peace, and may the wind be always at your back or something like that...
  13. by   essarge
    With so many of his brothers and sisters disowning him wouldn't a DNA test be in order? Just an option.
  14. by   Yocanohawken
    essarge I agree with you!

    Besides, the World doesn't stop for Everyone Else's holidays do they? (excessive consideration for one religion but not for 'all' the others -I do understand that there are worries of backlash, but the precedent being set bothers me personally).
    In my humble Opinion, any break would give them time to regroup and 'think' and carry out more madness against America.....the Taliban had time enough to think before all of this happened, and the Taliban made a bad decision, for themselves but more so for their citizens ('not' their supporters, I want to be clear on that opinion), who are the only ones to me that deserve a break in the entire country.....