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  1. I remember that somebody posted this topic a little while ago, but I can't find the thread.

    With all this talk about the Pope coming to North America, I have remembered somthing.

    The summer that I was going into grade 3, Pope John Paul II came into town to perform an outdoor mass and address. My parents are Catholic so the whole family went to see him. It was kind of a surreal experience. There were som many people there at this park, probably from all over (I didn't realize at the time how rare this visit was). Any way, when the Pope drove by in His Popemobile, I got my dad to lift me onto his shoulders to see the Pope's face. It was such an amazing feeling. I realized that I was having some sort of religious experience. I was 7. I remember thinking, "Oh crap, does this mean I have to be a nun now?" :chuckle
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  3. by   shygirl
    That's a cute story. I have a story too. It's not as grand as the pope or anything, but I was about 12 years old and my Aunt asked me to go to a "Healing" mass. Not being sure what a healing mass was at the time, I said sure. There was this young visiting priest from Spain. He didn't speak any English. At the time I thought this was all weird.

    After his sermon, everyone went up for communion. He was the only one offering. As you got up there, he laid his small hand on your head and said something in Spanish.

    People were falling over on the floor. I remember asking my Aunt, "What's the matter with those people?" She said that they were being 'slain in the spirit' I told her I was not going up because I didn't want to fall over. She said "Oh, you wont. come on."

    I went up and when he laid his hand on my head, I felt this incredible warmth flow through me. Not unlike, (I sure do not mean to sound sacriligous) when you down a shot of something strong.mmmmmmm I forgot all about my story until I read yours thanks.
  4. by   l.rae
    Shygirl, thanks for sharing this. l didn't realize this was part of the Catholic religious experience as well as some of the other more charasmatic sects....imho this does not happen nearly as often as depicted on some of the religious TV shows etc.....but l know first does happen...then l shouldn't l don't watch...but you were very blessed indeed to have experienced this......LR
  5. by   hapeewendy
    world youth day is in toronto
    and basically taking place in my back yard.....
    seriously I live just behind the park where the mass is being held
    although I am not catholic
    there is an overwhelming emotional feeling that I feel...hard to explain
    the people who have come here from all over the world have renewed my faith in humankind
    total strangers saying hello, my neighbours giving bottled water and pizza to the pilgrims, the youth helping older people on the bus
    I can see the lights from the mass off my balcony tonight....its amazing
  6. by   Ted
    One Easter Sunday, back around 1980 or there abouts (during my music college days), I attended a service at a church in Copely Square in Boston, MA. The Episcopalian church hired members of the B.S.O. who played during the service. The ensamble was playing Bach chorales.

    Now, I can appreciate the genious behind a composer's work. . . hear and analyse the interplay between melody, counter-melody, harmony, etc. . . . and appreciate the beauty of it all. But this was different. For some unknown reason, I felt this strong presence of God . . . higher power. . . call he/she/it what you will. . . . while listening to the music being played by these talented musicians, composed by Bach. It was more than just an appreciation of well-composed, well-performed music. At that time, it was more intense than any feeling I've felt during any day to day living.

    This has happend a few times throughout my life-time. . . usually while listening to music. I don't feel a need to analyse these experiences . . . so I don't. All I believe . . . all I know, is that I'm not alone; that this "higher power" . . . this loving "higher power". . . occasionally touches my heart (or at least I open my heart to the experience) and I'm brought to peaceful tears.

    Religous exerience??? I don't know. Probably more of a spiritual experience . . . at the very least an intense awareness of something or someone or some wonderful, loving power making his/her/its way into my heart. . . . through music.

    I'm interested in reading other experiences from other demoninations . . . from other religions . . . interested to know just how similar or disimilar the experiences may be.


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  7. by   adrienurse
    While I was in highschool I was the member our the youth choir in our local catholic church. I really enjoyed this, we came up with some incredible music together. What I liked most was the feeling of being closer to God that leading the congregation gave me. Like a wonderful drug.