Regular Staff CANCELLED for PRN...grrrrr

  1.'s my deal...I waited until this morning to post so I wouldn't rant and rave TOO much.
    I go to work last night on my regularly scheduled night shift.I call the day supervisor to see where I am supposed to work (work diff. locations r/t pt loads ect.) She tells me that the DON's assistant said she had cancelled me for tonight r/t low pt census.I had received no call/gotten any message to this fact.So here I am fully dressed for work and have to go home.I call the hospital about midnight to talk to a friend..because I'm still wide awake..I slept all day thinking I had to work. My friend tells me that a PRN nurse is working..I was like WTF ??? here I had come to work/been sent home on my reg shift/missed my 8 hrs overtime for the week, so a PRN who makes a heck of a lot more than me can work in my place??? FUMING I was, and still I ask my friend to page my night supervisor...I talk to her and she says that it was wrong of them to do that, and it wouldn't happen again.This DON's assistant/secretary doesn't like me..the feeling is mutual..for some reason this non-professional woman seems to have power beyond her scope.In my almost 14 years of working at this hospital I have never had a problem working with any other staff/management ,except THIS person...I just can't deal with this woman..the thought of her makes me sooooooo MAD! My supervisor assured me she would take it up with her today..And that if this happened to me again to STAY at work until she arrived to straighten things out..I think I have a right to be peeved about this...what do ya'll think? ever happen to you ?
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  3. by   P_RN
    Whoa, I think you need to pursue this. That is NOT RIGHT! Even with OT you probably didn't make as much as agency...and after all YOU are the employee. At least make sure there is a note or something in your personnel file saying this happened. They deprived you of income and you probably had to take a vacation day too-right?
  4. by   itsme
    If you are a union facility you have a greivence to file, this happened to someone I work with and they won the grievance and got the money they would have earned had they not been sent home!
  5. by   MandyInMS
    Yeps P_RN...makes a lotta sense huh ? pay someone more than I'm making , plus pay me for a vacation day...doesn't that sound like everybody looses?Esp. being that we are supposed to be so cost effective?I'm going to let my supervisor handle it for now..because I swear..if i have to deal with that woman any time in the near future I'm afraid I may "go off" on her hillbilly have no union here itsme,and a lot of us are getting sick of being jerked around for sure :/ Our hospital is going through some major changes right now (small rural hospital) questions of a buy out...MD's leaving..whole situation a bit "iffie" to say the least..big meeting today for management/supervisors/MD's to see what the status of our hosp. will I'm gonna hold tite for the moment..but don't plan on being bullied by a secretary in the future for sure...thanks ya'll for the advice.
  6. by   jnette
    at one of our local hospitals, it was the trend last fall/winter to lay off BUNCHES of regulars, and use PRNs... don't get it????
  7. by   tonicareer
    Do Prns get the same benefits? If not that might be reason. Might want to make employees that are near retirement/vesting age want to quit. Then they won't have to pay retirement.
  8. by   Zee_RN
    It's just plain wrong. And stupid. But you know that.

    But the thing about vacation pay...the hospital is glad to pay you that. On the balance sheet, accrued vacation pay that has not been paid out yet is a LIABILITY (it is money owed). So to pay vacation time out decreases their liability, making the balance sheet look better. Just a little FYI from my accounting days.
  9. by   nimbex
    here's the flip side from my management days, every time someone takes a paid day off, the hours paid out count as NON-PRODUCTIVE hours. This, plus covering with OT and agency equaly overpay for nurse to patient projected hours.

    Try to use this as leverage to get your manager to see that they are paying you to stay home and take paid time off, and prn to work for you. Messes up the budget.

    good luck
  10. by   cactus wren
    If the PRN nurse was agency, they could of guarranteed her hours. As I only work rural hospitals, that`s what my agency does. If you are going to drive 3 or 4 hours to an assisnment, it is a pain when once there ,you get called off.

    And at the last place I was staff, that was the ONLY way they could get angency to drive up here. And why I now go back there every so often, they don`t have to guarrentee my hours, as I am 5 minutes away.
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    PRN is NOT agency. There is a difference. Unlike Agency/Travelers, We are hospital employees, just as YOU are. And where I work, they throw us all in the low census "hat". By that I mean, We all have to take turns being low-censused/placed on-call.....and I think it's fair.

    If I were the one ALWAYS called off why SHOULD I work there? I get no bennies beyond the 15% DIFFERENTIAL I am paid for being PRN (or per diem/supplemental as known some places). So, If I were not to work, I would get NO PTO or any sort of compensation beyond the standard $3. an hour for being on call. I would NEVER work at a place that always screwed me over just cause I am per diem/PRN. I want to work just like "regulars" do, and it's the only time I will be paid, w/o PTO working for me.
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  12. by   nurs4kids
    I have to disagree. "PRN" means AS NEEDED. IF regular staff is capable of covering the unit, then you're not needed, period. You are paid the 15% differential to compensate for those lost days. You say "15%" as if that's a SMALL compensation. If prn people expect/want to be paid just like regulars, then they should get a REGULAR position and accept the responsibilities that come with it..that is, the INFLEXIBILITY of scheduling. There are pt & ft positions available. Why else work prn if it isn't for the decreased responsibility of hours and the increase compensated pay? I can't believe it's any other way than regular staff first THEN prn..that's an asinine management move.

    I'd have hit the roof too, mandy.
  13. by   MandyInMS
    Ditto nurs4kids...that's pretty much what I wanted to say but ya beat me to have nothing personal against any PRN in particular or anyone who chooses to work as such..but for me I chose REG staffing because I wanted more stable..supposedly guarenteed hours..and like you last time I checked PRN did mean as needed.
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I hate to say this but it is true; If you want stability, hospital nursing is not where it is at. It seems it never has been, either.

    And you clearly don't understand what PRN nursing is about. Please let me tell you what my responsiblities as a PRN nurse are:

    WE DO HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to the hospital at which we are employed; we have to work two weekend days a month, we have to work during all the major holidays in turn as you do, we are expected to attend all staff meetings, keep our education up to date, keep up on all certs, etc, and be available for mandatory call JUST LIKE "regulars". We have to meet all requirements the hospital has for "regulars". I am curious, what responsiblities do you have that I do not?

    And regarding my differential...well......15% really will only go so far, after all, I do not get medical bennies, education bennies or PTO as you do. Think that 15% covers that? Think again. Yes, I would like some of these benefits, however, I work PRN for a lot of reasons, mainly childcare issues--- and I do NOT elect to be PRN because I want OUT of "responsiblities" you mention.

    I am PROMISED NO minimum of shifts I fill holes "regulars" don't want---- but when I am scheduled, if it is not my turn to take call-off, they call the person whose turn it is. I am "bound" by my agreement to work that shift just as you would be. So if they call off the next person whose turn it is, how can that be unfair?

    I have to say, I am Glad I dont' work in places where PRN are treated as NOT needed (versus "as needed") myself.

    Funny thing is, some people obviously want us to cover regulars who call in sick, take vacations, etc, but do NOT want us to have any equal footing where cancellation comes in. It would be hard to keep PRN staff on hand under conditions like you suggest. I would not do it myself. I would just travel/do agency. The only reason I don't is cause I am treated so well and fairly where I work and I get to know the staff "regulars" where I am. I definately am part of their "team" and there is no "us" and "them" mentality. They know me and I know them. So it works for me. Good thing is, also, the "regulars" where I work don't seem to have a problem w/it, either.

    Finally, I am sorry about your frustrations. I can see your distress. Maybe that is where PRN have an "advantage" because I have never been happier about MY work situation (and I was 0.9 FTE 3 years ago).

    Talk to your NM again about these issues and try if you can, to make changes. Or you could try changing your own situation to make things work for you. Nice thing is, nursing has so many opportunities. Try agency or traveling if you want to control your destiny more. Or do PRN if they are treated well where you work. But definately DO SOMETHING to make yourself happy. Life is way too short. Good luck and happy trails.
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