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  1. Had to share a story with you all...true story...i'm still laughing

    Yesterday, me and a coworker are waiting on the elevator. This very "alabama lookin'" man and his young son are standing there with us. He looks at my coworker and starts a conversation about how much his boy's grown since she last saw him. The kid's about six or so.. Coworker gets that look we all get when we're trying to figure out where in the hell we know this pt all know the look..Suddenly she gets that "lightbulb" look and says, "ohhhhhh, he wasn't missing those teeth when I last saw him, was he?" (**note** the kids was missing his two front teeth...the dad only had his two front teeth). Due to noise, dad didn't hear her, he said, "huhhh?"..and she repeats a fragmented, "those teeth weren't missing last time, were they?".
    Dad smiles the biggest..toothless grin..and says, "oh yeah, uha..they been missin' a looong time". We get on the elevator..I'm about to burst a gut. When we're alone again, she asks me very frustrated, "what are you laughing about???". She's from Georgia..I said, "Look, bama, when you're asking about missing teeth on a kid, you have to be damn sure the parent's don't think you're asking about their own lack of teeth!". She's still laughing..and red with embarassment.
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    :chuckle :roll good story.:chuckle :roll
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    :chuckle Very funny, nurse4kids! Loved it! :chuckle