Reality Show Searches for Domestic Divas

  1. i keep hoping they'll come up with a reality show that i would actually be good at...this isn't it! lol! it'll be fun to watch with robert verdi on it though!

    reality show searches for domestic divas[font=verdana,sans-serif][font=verdana,sans-serif]email this storyapr 26, 7:52 pm (et)

    los angeles (ap) - the title of domestic diva is up for grabs in a new reality special in which gardening, cooking and entertainment skills are among those tested, abc said monday.

    "the great domestic showdown," airing tuesday and wednesday, may 25-26, pits six contestants. the winner gets a book deal, an appearance on abc's "good morning america" and a pilot deal for a television show - and, the network suggested, martha stewart's crown.

    a publicity release for the special dubbed it "the search for america's next domestic diva," a common reference for stewart. she was convicted of lying about her sale of a block of biotechnology stock just before it plunged and faces sentencing june 17. judging the contestants are food network host sandra lee; robert verdi, host of discovery channel's "surprise by design"; and los angeles chef govind armstrong. the host is adam carolla ("the man show").
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    OH, ME ME ME.......:sigh: just kidding :chuckle: