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  1. I am 5'1" and weight 172 pounds and I've been cleared by a doctor. I don't believe in any diet plan beyond eating everything in smaller portions. I've heard about what portion sizes should be etc. My problem is exercise. For three weeks I kept a food diary and went to the gym 3X a week. At the gym I did each of the following for 20 minutes: treadmill, elliptical, bicycle (so 60 min of aerobics). I did an assortment of weight machines (another 60 minutes). I was recently weighed, same scale, same clothes, and close to the same time. I only lost 1 pound. What am I doing wrong?
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  3. by   athomas91
    you may not be doing anything must not forget that although changing eating habits and working out may reduce fat...that aerobic exercise and weights will increase muscle will likely see a change in your body shape and a difference in the way your clothes fit first...after 5-6 mos you may see a weight change.
  4. by   TLC RN
    Have you cut your food intake so much that your body is holding on to the lbs because it "thinks it is starving"? Say you go from 2000 Kcal to 1000. The body will think it is in starving and slow the loss of weight. If you increased your Kcal intake to 1500, the lbs could start coming off...
  5. by   athomas91
    the best "diet" around is weight is not really a is portions and eating the right foods...and even the wrong foods on occasion

    i have a rather hectic schedule and have found that 5 d/wk w/ aerobic exercise on an elliptical machine ...and the weight watchers routine is the way for - i am maybe 5-10 lbs i am not fanatical....but i have seen it work well and it is healthy....

    also...weight training will help you will burn the fat 2x as fast as aerobic exercise and it will keep weight off it is good for your bones...

    good luck..there are lotsa web sites on fast, effective work out routines for those of us on the run...and the i got a friend who belonged to w.w. to just buy an extra book for me to read....(i never joined...i just benefit...)
  6. by   Anniekins
    Sounds like your workout routine is GREAT! As said above, maybe you are gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Have you noticed your clothes getting looser? do you feel better physically?

    If not, you may want to look at your diet. Just make sure your eating your fruits, veggis, avioding high fat/sugar/calorie products..such as coke and stuff.
    Good luck and congrats on choosing a healthy lifestyle and exercise
  7. by   Loving Life
    you need to drinks lots of water.
  8. by   hock1
    Thanks for the advice. It took me a while before I got the quit smoking thing down pat. I guess I shouldn't expect weight loss to come easy either.