Re-registering the lapsed nurse

  1. I have been out of clinical practice for eight years. Two years ago I let my RN license lapse as I had no intention of ever returning to the clinical arena. After 9-11 I have re-evaluated that decision and am in the process of getting re-registered. It's clear none of us know what dangers we may face going forward now that we know that nightmare scenarios are now possible realities whether chemical, biological or nuclear - or even some other horror we have not yet imagined. There is no power in fearfulness but there is in preparedness. That is why I am putting together a project I am calling GET READY . This project aims to enroll other nurses who have let their licensure lapse in the possibility that they can regain some power for themselves and their community by re-registering and standing ready to assist should their community unexpectedly become the target of terrorism. I aim to enroll RN's and LPN's in my own community of Natick, MA in helping me reach the community of ex-nurses and invite them to re-register and take some relevant course-work to either refresh rusty skills or specialize in courses around the threats we face. I would welcome comments and input from other nurses, as well as offers of help within my own community.
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  3. by   Mkue

    Hi, that's a good question !

    If an RN or LPN has kept up her license but not actually ever practiced for several years would they still need to be oriented or take courses to be up to date?

    Besides CEU's, would a nurse who has never used an RN or LPN license be able to just jump in at a hospital if an epidemic of some kind does break out?