Re: Chat room not working

  1. The chat room has been down, since about last Friday. Who knows when it will be back up? If you don't have ICQ, go to You can download it, and we can make our own chat room there. I have had ICQ since November, but haven't used it a whole lot. It is really cool though. So far I se Jamis, Barb, bestblonde, Suze and Coll have it. try it out, CC_nurse, neon, Moonchild, Jan and anybody else I left out.

    Just a thought!
    Have a good day!

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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, I tried getting an ICQ number but for some strange reason, I cannot get my computer to download the required information . Oh well. I hope they get the chat room fixed soon cause I'm really starting to have some pretty bad withdrawl symptoms. Hope to be able to chat with all my buds real soon!!
  4. by   Q.

    It will be running soon.....
    I miss ya!

  5. by   CEN35
    Click the icon that says download Kelly.........LMAO!!!!
  6. by   moonchild20002000
    Thanks for the info, Rick,the same thing happened to me! LMAO! I'll try again. I really miss chatting with everyone!!!!
  7. by   neonnurse2
    I'll give the chat room another try. The first time I got on it, I couldn't figure how to post a reply and somehow logged my self off...I'm doing something wrong. If I can't figure this out, I'll stick with the BB.
  8. by   RNforLongTime

    I DID click the DOWNLOAD button and for some strange reason my computer wouldn't down load the program! I tried several times but it didn't work!

    Thanks Suzy for missing me--I miss all you guys too! It's been 7 days with no chat room and I really hope that they get it up and running soon! Each night when I get off work after checking my e-mail, I come here to check if the chat room is up and running and have been disappointed since Monday!

    Take care!

  9. by   CEN35
    Oh Kelly I'm just kidding. Apparently theres a problem with your computer. Barb and Susy both downloaded it...........but I'll shut up now.
  10. by   CashewLPN
    Well, Kelly, moon-- if it makes yous feel any better, It took me 2 trys to download it... you just gotta follow it to the letter... which is a major pain in the arse...

    If the room doesnt come back up manana== GO SEE SHRECK!! its the best movie out there in a while... and Knights Tale... its so FABOO!!!

    hehe rick about the button....

    oh-- everybody...
    have a happy friday.
  11. by   Q.
    Kelly and Moon-

    Instead of downloading ICQ into your hard drive - like they suggest - try running it from it's current location, when that window pops up. I have a feeling that you in fact did download it, but it is hidden somewhere in your harddrive and now you have to go and retrieve it and install it.

    When you hit download - click on the option "Run from it's current location"
    It will create a temp file for you to run it from.
  12. by   RNforLongTime
    OK OK, I was able to download the program and get an icq number now my problem is, I can't find any of you guys! Help!
  13. by   Q.

    I've found you..make sure your status is "Online"

    I have you listed.....i sent you a message
  14. by   RNforLongTime
    Ok so now how do I fix my status to Online? Is there a placwe on the icq homepage to log in? I'm confused which at this time in the morning it's not hard to do. Please help?