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  1. Saw another raccoon today that was acting funny. I was just turning out of my driveway. The animal was walking in the middle of the street very slowly with a stagger. It's back was arched and it muzzel was frozen in a snarl. I have seen this more than once and I am very sure it is rabies. I did not even have to call police because there was one right in front of me and he saw it same time I did. He pulled his squad car right behind it. The animal just stood there, was not even fazed by the flashing lights. The police summond the animal control people who I am sure will turn it over to county health department. They will autopsy it for rabies. Rabid wild animals are really a problem around here. It gets worse every year. Good thing it was early in morning, if kids were out they may have tried to approach it.
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  3. by   tinaRN
    Originally posted by oramar
    The animal was walking in the middle of the street very slowly
    Doesn't sound rapid. (only teasing)
    Our raccoon population must be enormous here. I see them dead on the road each evening. Luckily I have not seen any in the day time acting strange. Scary.
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    I live in the midwest and rabid animals are a big problem here. I boy in our town was "attacked" by a rabid skunk in broad daylight, when the skunk chased him into the garage and jumped on his back! Now the poor little guy has to go through the rabies treatments. Animal control warned everyone that if you see an animal exhibiting out of the ordinary behavior (like coming out during the day) stay away and report it immediately. Apparently the police had received numerous calls about the skunk wandering the neighborhood prior to it attacking the boy.