Random Thoughts and An Update on Life

  1. warning: this is a long post!

    wow! i just noticed on my "public profile" that i'll be a member of allnurses.com for four years next month!!! that's a long time for me!!! there sure are many, many people who have been here longer. but, golly! there are many, many, many new faces here too as well. the last time i checked, there are nearly 66,000+ members to this happy not-so-little bulletin board. it's a busy place, huh!?!?!?

    i joined this bulletin board in may, 2001 while at work. since then, i do most of my posting here (and on other bulletin boards) while i am at work. :d for those who do not know, i work for a very small, teeny-tiny rural hospital on a what is now a 2-bed icu/ccu. (the icu/ccu unit was a 5 bed icu/ccu when i first started working here, and when i joined this bulletin board.) what might interest you to know is that before i joined allnurses, i used to play a computer game called "bejeweled", found on on-line game site at msn. i played that game for hours at a time. used to get cramps on my "mouse hand" playing that game! :chuckle but after many hours of "bejeweled", i got bored with it and had to find something else to do with my time while my one or two patients safely slept with their hearts a-beatin'.

    so i joined "allnurses.com". :d

    don't remember how i found this web site. was it through "google"? was it from visiting another nursing web site and clicking an "allnurses" banner? i really don't remember.

    what most of you probably do not know was that i was actually banned from this site within my first several postings place here! :chuckle i made the honest mistake of posting a few silly pictures from my own web site which, at the time, were thought to be solicitations of my part-time business. honestly, it wasn't! :imbar :imbar i meant only to share some levity! :imbar so i called brian up when i noticed my "problem", apologized and i've been "non-banned" ever since. :d and if you look long and hard enough, you'll probably find those picture buried deep within these forums. :d

    although i sincerely enjoy being a member and staff-member here, i hold dear my first 2+ years on this site. allnurses was one of my first non-aol type bulletin boards that i ever joined. up until 2001, i've done a lot of aol and compuserve stuff. but i never really got into their chat rooms and bulletin boards much. i just blindly surfed and read the rare musician-based forums found on those aol-type services. so, being relatively new to the world of bulletin boards and the internet chat world, i enjoyed the novalty of it all when i joined this web site. i just thought it was cool being able to participate in "conversation" with many, many different people. . . all of whom were nurses. i spent most of my time here in the break room. this forum has always been my favorite. in my mind, i needed to get away from nursing, not get more involved. . . and still be with nurses. i was, after all, posting at work! the break room was my "relaxing time" while i was at work! :chuckle it kept me awake too! let's face it! having one or two patients sleep can make for a loooooong night!!

    so i spent the first couple of years here at allnurses on the break room. while at work. and at home, many times too. i met a lot of wonderful people here during that time. a good friend met here was a member known as "micro". we're both pk's and developed a pleasant and friendly bond through this one common experience we both shared. remember micro?? remember the ...... . .. . . .

    and the . . . . .....

    and the . . . . .



    i haven't read a post by her in . . . well. . . a couple of years or so. gosh, i hope she's o.k!

    so why am i writing this thread now?? what's going on ted??

    well, recently i realized that i haven't been participating much here on this bulletin board. not like i used to do. there are many, many new faces whom i do not know. and there are many, many "older" faces whom i now don't know either. . . but i used to know. this saddened me.

    there are a number of reasons for this, actually. first, as you can see, i'm a happy moderator, now co-administrator, of this ever growing bulletin board. when i do make the time to moderate (which has not been regular, lately, either :imbar), there really isn't much time or energy to do much else. please do not misunderstand me. i enjoy this role and i feel like it's my way of giving back to the nursing community. but it can be time and energy consuming, especially as this bulletin boards gets larger and busier. and, folks, it is big!

    another reason is that life, in general, is busy. my part-time business is demanding more of my time. amy, my loving wife, is finishing her last year of nursing college which leave me with more business work to do too. (amy tends to handle the business-end of our part-time busienss.) additionally, i've been making an effort to visit family. for instance, last week-end i visited my sister in maryland. the week-end before i visited my mother in long island, ny.

    also, i've been composing music! this has become very important to me. recently, i realized that i have been neglecting this part of myself for a long time. so, i took pencil to paper and started writing. . . slowly, of course, because these creative muscles have atrophied a bit!!! but i started to write music again and this can be wonderfully time consuming. not much time for the internet when writing, writing writing! i need to write and continue to do it as often as i can. i fear losing these skills otherwise and this realization really saddened me. and when i do write, record and play back my music. . . well. . . :melody: :melody:

    i want to. . . i need to. . . write music.

    what else is going on?!?!?

    amy graduates this may. she starts work at the same hospital i work at as a night med/surg staff nurse. she's excited! amy will make a great nurse, i am proud to say! she's doing well in college and enjoys all of what she is learning.

    we put a "binder" on a lovely 10 acre piece of wooded property located on a mountain. of course amy has to work as an rn (pass her final and graduate from college, pass the nclex, etc) in order for us to actually purchase this property. but the "binder" is there to help hold this property and, assuming that all will goes well during these next couple of months, we should be purchasing property and building our "dream home" by the end of the summer! yea! of course "the bank" has to agree to our plans too. yikes! our mortgage broker assures us that we can afford to do this project. yea!!

    my mother is moving closer to us!! this is a huge decision by her and one that i deeply welcome! i've been wanting my mother to move closer to us for years! but she needed to make the decision on her own, which she did. this will be a significant change for all of us.

    we're getting ready for a small string of tln gigs! one hospital in texas hired us just 3 weeks ago!!! talk about last minute!!! this is a cool gig for us but it's coming at such a busy time in our lives!

    well, that's about it for now. it's 0500 (5:00 am) and my mind is going numb. i am sure that your mind is going numb too as you read this long thread! :chuckle

    a few final thoughts. . . .

    i hope to participate here a bit more. there are a lot of wonderful people who call this place their "internet home". there is a lot of talent and experience found here! i hold you all with high regard and deep respect. i may not always post here like i used to do, but i do read yours! :chuckle well. . . most of them! :chuckle


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  3. by   Thunderwolf
    Great sharing post from one of the staff. Glad to sit down with you and listen. Sort of puts a face with the name. I'd like to see other staff do the same. Lets us get to know you all better. Thank you, again.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Ted when you are not around, I always miss you. Good to hear about your life. Thanks for sharing and tell Amy congrats for me?
  5. by   akcarmean
    thanks for sharing. i joined in oct/2004. it is nice to get to know more people.

  6. by   leslie :-D
    10 acres ted?? doesn't that sound breathtaking!!!! is this in western mass?
    and you and amy working together (albeit different units) sounds so romantic.
    i'm glad your mom is moving closer. my mom lived in va but she's the one who left us :chuckle ....i thought it was the kids who left home but noooooooo,mom decided to move away. i always wanted her to move back but she found a new and satisfying life where she was. my sister lisa and i were talking last noc, and we both were saying that we still think mom is living in va. so even 4 mos later, her death still has not hit us.

    i know what you mean about random thoughts. i joined here in 2000 but was not a frequent flier, as they say. i remember this one poster, bunky, who was quite the dynamo. she's been gone for yrs. but i've been blessed to meet and form friendships with a few people that have literally been my rock; as i appreciate reading most posts and am impressed with their intelligence, their knowledge base, their philosophies; and there are so many i would love to meet in person. i know it won't happen, yet i would so love to have a central meeting place and occupy all the floors of a hotel and party away.

    anyway ted, you are one of the treasures on this board and you always bring a smile to my face.....thanks, just for being you.

    leslie xo
  7. by   Tweety
    Ted, thanks for the mind-numbing looooong post. LOL. j/k

    Always good to hear from you Ted.

    Time flies doesn't it. Hard to believe I became active in 2002! I joined a long time before that. Never posted much and left for such a long time I forgot my username and rejoined as 3rdShiftGuy.

    Kudo's to Amy on the impending graduation! Best of luck with the new property.
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    :yeahthat: :icon_hug: What Leslie said.

    Ted, I'm so happy to hear that things are going so well in your life! Congratulations to Amy too, I know she's worked hard for this, and I don't know of anyone who deserves life's good things more than you two.

    Thanks for the update, my friend........just don't be a stranger, OK?

    Keep us posted! :Melody:
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Woot! Ted speaks! :hatparty:

  10. by   CHATSDALE
    looks like your life is taking an upward turn...i know you and amy have worked for this, that you didn't stumble over it in the dark///isn't funny that the harder you work the luckier you look to the outside world

    as for me...if i had access to board at work it would be a disaster


  11. by   Ted
    Quote from CHATSDALE
    as for me...if i had access to board at work it would be a disaster



    So far, I've never been on the 'net as a code was called. It just hasn't happened.

    YET! :chuckle

    And what WOULD I do?!?!?!? :chuckle

    Quote from stevielynn
    Woot! Ted speaks!
    Actually, Steph. . . I prefer grunting, moaning and whining. :chuckle

    Things are evolving in a nice way, I must say. I have to admit that there is a lot of change that's going to take place over these next several months. It's all welcomed and anticipated change.

    Happy posting, folks! You are all gems!

  12. by   dianah
    So glad to hear from you, Ted! I've been wondering where you were and what you were up to! I've missed your compo-sure (get it? heheheheh) around here.

    Greetings and congrats to Amy! -- D