Rally for peace!

  1. I attended a peace rally yesterday at my state capitol. I was very encouraged to see such a wonderful turnout...despite the steady rain, there were about 3000 in attendence. Maine is not a huge state so this is an impressive turnout. In Washington there were 100,000 rallying for no war with Iraq. Sweden, Germany and Japan, to name a few held similar peace marches. Did any of you attend similar rallys/marches in your states?
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  3. by   kmchugh
    No, I didn't attend such a rally, but then for those who know me, that's not really suprising. I think most of the attendees are misguided, at best. No flame intended.

    Kevin McHugh
  4. by   sbic56
    No flame taken. The same is often said about those who blindly accept what the gov't is selling. I didn't mean to start this as a debate thread pro or against war with Iraq... more interested in how many and where people were orgainizing in an effort to protest the possibility of such a war. The media doesn't seem to want to report a whole lot about this, which doesn't suprise me much. When they do, I have seen such statements as, "those who participate are either punk rockers or aging hippies." Give me a break. Another sad observation I've made is that some who would like to speak out against war with Iraq are intimidated and even fear negative repercussion if they speak out. That tells me there are Americans who are not feeling very free through all of this.
  5. by   cargal
    Thanks for posting sbic56. I wish I had known- I might have gone! Keep us posted for anymore or anything related, please!
  6. by   sbic56

    I sure will! For those interested, http://www.commondreams.org
    is a good site to obtain information and updates. I just noticed you can also buy bumper stickers through the site as well. Peace is patriotic!
  7. by   WashYaHands
    My 16 year old daughter just returned from the Japan-America Peace summit held in Hiroshima. As part of an auditioned civic youth choir, she was able to go to this with 90 other local youth. They participated in the chorale portion of the summit. She got to meet many Japanese youth and discuss many topics and exchange cultural information. She visited the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima, which I believe provided her the opportunity to see the effects of war on an intellictual and emotional level. Although the summit had nothing to do with Iraq, her father has been Active duty Special Forces most of her life, so I'd say she has a vested interest in peace/war. I'm glad she had the opportunity to attend this event, what a great kid.
    Anyway, my post isnt about peace rallys in the US, but this is somewhat related. Thought I'd share.

  8. by   sbic56
    Very commendable what your daughter is doing. You must be very proud of her. This is a world issue...I thought of that the moment I sent the thread and should have editted it to include our nurse peers from all over the world. The world view on the idea of a preemptive strike should be highly regarded by our leaders.
  9. by   SharonH, RN
    Thanks for the link, I 've added it to my favorites.

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