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  1. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear radnurse2001-KatWright-nurseone-PACUJen-Jon Day-Agnes82
    Happy birthday to you
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    Birthday Gifts
    For every petal you pluck from a daisy,
    You're granted on measure of love.
    For every rainbow you find with two ends,
    I wish you two stars from above.
    For every tear you brush from a cheek,
    I promise you kindness will follow.
    Wherever you walk, under rainbows or stars,
    Over daisies, or down lonely hollow.
    For every child you play with and talk to,
    I grant you one heart full of laughter.
    For every smile you place on a face,
    I promise you peace ever after.
    If you think I am giving you priceless gifts,
    Look close at yourself and your deeds.
    the gifts you earned were the lessons you learned
    While answering other folks' needs.