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    Monday May 03, 2004

    I was driving out to the San Fernando Valley this morning. On The way out I listened to one of the nationally syndicated talkshow hosts, and on the way home another; both, of course, extremely conservative, adoring of President Bush and utterly condemning of just about every aspect of Sen. Kerry's campaign, convictions and career

    They both appear to be bought by the administration.

    Their logic was warped and the snide vitriolic comments about Democrats and liberals were utterly insulting. Both spoke of Kerry with utter disdain. Both of them claiming that, in effect, if you were not with Bush on this war in Iraq, you were against our men and women in uniform, un-American and giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    Their apparent lack of concern about the current story of maltreatment and torture of some of the prisoners of war, was, as they tell it, something that the liberal press is stirring up to do damage to the President's campaign
    One of the hosts spoke of his being bored by Sen. Kerry "bragging about his war record!" That's the caliber of conversation on many hundreds of radio stations these days.

    Over the past weeks they have railed against the Senator for campaigning against the war in Vietnam, in which he served with such distinction. If he hadn't earned to right to come home and protest, then who did? I'll never forget the line he said when he was 27 years old, war-seasoned and speaking before the United States Senate. John F Kerry said, "How do you tell a soldier to die for a mistake?"

    They twist his every word. He has made it abundantly clear that we cannot afford to fail in Iraq, for to do so would leave it as a source of instability in the region. He's utterly correct when he contends that this administration's unilateral policies aren't working in Iraq and we must change our course.

    I even heard one of the hosts say, almost verbatim, that it didn't really matter whether Bush was right or wrong, "he was a man of convictions" and that was enough for him!
    Questions they will never ask of the President...

    1) For how long have we known about the violations in the main Baghdad prison and why has it taken so long for the story to be made public?"

    2) Would you have had the administration make any mention of the travesty, if the newspapers of the world had not published the 'photos?

    3) As president of the United States you have spent almost 8 months at your ranch in Crawford Texas, along with some 80 visits to Camp David and along with other personal journeys you have been out of the White House for some 500 days...If a democrat held the office and you were the challenger, what would you and your attack machine be saying about a Democratic party contender with that kind of absentee record?

    4) What of a positive nature have you accomplished in office? And, Mr. President, when we hear your answer, could I suggest a couple of follow-up questions.

    What would you ask of the President if you had the chance?

    What would you say to any of these thousands of right wing talkshow hosts, given the opportunity..?
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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I really don't think I would ask W, or the talk show hosts anything. They are so rigid in their "thinking" and beliefs, it wouldn't make any difference.
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    A public health nurse I know was interviewed for local Fox news in December 2002 about the Presidents smallpox vaccination program.
    She explained on the air that vaccination should be voluntary, The nurses should not be in contact with patients, infants, or others with weakened immune systems until the scab falls off.

    Before leaving she asked to use the restroom. The necessity of two security guards accompanying her to the door of the ladies room was that, "Bill O'Reilly is in the building. We need to protect him from threatining you."
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