Radioactive Poison Killed Ex-Spy

  1. Radioactive Poison Killed Ex-Spy
    British Say Case of Putin Critic Is Unprecedented

    Radioactive Poison Killed Ex-Spy -

    Who killed Litvinenko?
    By Cahal Milmo

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    BBC NEWS | UK | Obituary: Alexander Litvinenko
    E Canada Now - Breaking News radioactive isotope Polonium 21 linked to death of Russian spy

    Photo from recent book tour:

    In the hospital before he died:
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    poor guy, i saw pic of him before/after you can tell he really suffered
  4. by   Roy Fokker
    Posted by a Russian member at my military history forum:

    1.First of all, Litvinenko was not a KGB spy. He was an officer of FSB, and he never was a spy. I'd suggest the British media read a bit about the guy's biography.

    He was a firend of Berezovsky from 1994, hwile he was stil working in FSB. He was investigated inside FSB for the abuse of his position. He was accused of beating and torturing the suspects, but he wasn't put on trial, probably because of Berezovky. in 1998 he claimed that FSB wanted to kill Berezovky, there was a trial, but no evidence found to substantiate the claims.

    After that he turns his back on his collegues, leaves FSB and writes a book "FSB blows Russia", where he accuses FSB in the explosions in Moscow in the wake of the second Chechen war. After which he runs to London to his boss Berezovsky, asks political asylum and lives in the big house that Berezovky bought him. He becomes friends with Ahmed Zakaev, a London based spokesman for Basaev and Co, who lives in London nearby Litvinenko. For 7 years we don't hear anything of him, untill he dies under mysterious circumstances. End of story.

    2. All the hysteric guessing of the British media is tedious. There is nothing to link Russian government to the murder, there is no even a motive. For all I know, it is against Russian national interests to murder that person. The only guy who benefits from this is Berezovsky, so I'd suggest the conspiracy theorists to concentrate their activity in that direction. It is ludicorus to think that Putin would need to kill a little known Mr nobody right before the EU-Russia summit.

    But I'm sure that considering the activities of Mr Litvinenko and his close conection to Berezovsky there could be plenty of people willing to eliminate him. And there is nobody in Russia who would shed a tear for him.
  5. by   oramar
    The wing of the hospital where he was kept is being decomtaminated. Chances are some poor nurse got a good dose of it. You have to be very, very close to that stuff to be affected but that is the very nature of the nursing profession.