Quit DELETING your threads or QUIT Posting new ones for others to read.........

  1. if your plans are to just delete them!!!!

    i have been trying to figure out why people delete their threads thery start!!

    isn't the bb for people that read and discuss topics brought up by allnurses.com users????

    i have posted replies to certain threads on the forum called war/terroism discussions, but these replies along with others have been deleted!!! why do you keep doing this?????? do you not stand by what you say??
    if you have changed your views about certain things discussed because of replies, then just state that you have changed your mind !! i think that is one great reason for this bb!! you get other viewpoints from across the nation about what is going on!!!but ---if it is that you just can not stand what others are saying, then take what you like and leave the rest!!!!
    that is what makes america strong!! everyone's voices!!!

    quit deleting your threads that you have posted!! it is not fair to others to delete their thoughts just because you may disaggree with someone!!!
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    LOL, I love your fire. As irritating as it is to have a thread deleted after you post to it, it's common and I guess it's that person's choice. I'd love to see the options changed so that the whole thread isn't deleted when the first post is deleted. I, like you, have seen some very good discussions completely wiped out.

    Also, sometimes, if they become offensive, they are moved by the moderator and not accessible, essentially deleted.

    I'm just jealous that some have the power to delete. For some reason, I can not delete my own posts. Made a mistake the other night and called the Diamondbacks, Razorbacks. It wouldn't edit the topic, so I was going to delete and repost (immediately after I originated the thread). It wouldn't let me...oh well.
    I've never noticed entire threads deleted (except for the ones "moved" by moderators). Perhaps I just wasn't as passionate about them or followed them.

    What I have noticed is people deleting their own responses, or editing them and making them completely different.

    I got involved in an exchange with someone on here. Didn't like what someone said, and responded as such. Might have been a little smart-ass, but not mean or beligerant in any way. Well, they apologize to me privately, but deleted the part of the post I responded too. My post, intact, looked out of context and quite psychotic.

    My opinion? Once you post, leave the s**t alone. Have the balls to stand behind what you say, or don't say it.

  5. by   Q.
    I've noticed that too. I was in a discussion, actually in the moderator's thread, and I replied back and then the person edited thier original post so it looked like I was high on crack. Thing is, you can tell based on the timing of the posts and the editing. My reply was at, say 2:15 and the original post was edited at 2:45.

    Oh well.

    I DID notice, though, that there was some thread that was in the War discussions that seemed to have slipped off the planet. Something about being difficult to hit the Thanksgiving all you can eat buffets this year because of the starving Afghani's; I know, because I replied - and the thread is entirely gone now. That annoys me.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Only the moderators assigned to a forumn can move posts or delete entire thread: only done if found violating BB standards or rarely because it went entirely off track of original discussion post.

    Editing of large portion of remarks may occur by posters because they were initally angered/ pi$$ed of by my someone/had a bad day. After they reflected, realized lashed out in anger or not their true feelings and edited their replies.

    Remember, actions speak louder than words but words can come back to haunt you, especially if used out of context.
  7. by   fergus51
    Karen, the poster who started a thread can delete the whole thing if they chose to delete their original post. I admit I did it once. I had posted a topic that degeneated into name calling and was sick of seeing that type of thing so I deleted my original post and the thread was gone. It may be annoying, but I was sick of seeing people insult eachother so I did it.
  8. by   Brian
    Based on your feedback, I agree that it is not right for a user to delete an entire thread. I have decided to remove the option to be able to delete a thread they started. Users still have the option to edit thier post.

    Hope this helps.
  9. by   StaceRacer1
    Thank you Brian!!
  10. by   nurs4kids