1. I just finished my first PIECED quilt (actually, just a pillow top, I'd lose interest otherwise). All I've ever done before are Hawaiian quilt pillows. This one is a 'log cabin' style w/midnight blue as the center, gradually lightening the colors till it's a blue frost for the outer "logs". I pieced it by machine, but will quilt it by hand. The Hawaiian ones were all handsewn. I'm 'stoked', as the surfers used to say.

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  3. by   deespoohbear
    Quilting is a lot of hard work!! My in-laws quilted for several years and we have two of their quilts. My MIL also stitched the pieces together by machine, but all the quilting was done by hand.....

    You will have to post a peek-sure when it is completed....
  4. by   researchrabbit
    So....ya gonna post it so we can see it??!!

    I haven't made a quilt yet...but my best friend quilts. We grew up together in Oklahoma.

    When I was going through my horrible yucky divorce, she was in California and I was in Kansas. Within a couple of weeks of the marriage meltdown, she called to say she had rearranged her school schedule and she was coming out to see me. When she arrived, she told me there was a quilt show in the area and that I needed to get out of the house. So we went.

    There was a gorgeous pink and black "Road to Oklahoma" quilt hanging up and when I read the sheet attached about the woman who quilted it, it was dedicated to ME! She had finished the quilt (which she'd been working on for several years), found a quilt show going on near my home, got them to accept it, shipped it out to them! One of the most moving and marvelous surprises I have ever had.
  5. by   prmenrs
    Now THAT'S way cool!!

    This isn't dedicated to anyone, it's not ggod enough!! LOL

    I will post the peeksure after it's a REAL pillow, not just a top, IF I can get help doing it--my 'puter is not well. [cd-rom thinks it's "full", I think it's full of c**p!) Hopefully, one of my friends can help me.

    Can you post a picture of that quilt? It sounds gorgeous!
  6. by   thatldo
    I love quilts! So much time invested in them. My three kids all had homemade quilts when they were babies, but my ex got them. And needless to say, my daughter brought hers back to me and its in pretty bad shape

    Me, I'm a cross stitcher, that is in my previous life before school. :chuckle
  7. by   xantha31669
    I used to quilt and sew clothes & costumes for my kids too, in my Martha Stewart days, before school. I can't wait to finish school and get my life back!

  8. by   WashYaHands
    I love quilting, haven't done it in a long time. I started out years ago with baby quilts and have made twin and king bed covers. My favorite pattern is double Irish chain. I've been saving old jeans for years so that after I finish grad school I can make a quilt out of them for my daughter when she goes off to college.

  9. by   karenG
    I dont quilt but I do make lace!