question for you students

  1. My sister is turning 28. She's in her 3rd year studying to be a dietician (we never stop going to school in this family). I was wondering if there was anything school related that might be an appropriate gift. Life goes so fast, I really haven't shown her I'm supportive of her going after this new career (she worked in microbiology and drug production before). So tell me if you have any ideas.
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  3. by   donsterRN
    One of my favorite gift items I received was a day planner. It was a graduation gift from a friend after my first graduation; I used it daily in my career. That worked so well, I bought one for the house and continue to use it to this day. And when I started nursing school, I bought another one. It keeps me incredibly organized with readings, projects, papers and other assignment deadlines, and will undoubtedly be of much use after graduation. I get mine from

    Of course, I am now anal about writing EVERYTHING down on something!
  4. by   kitty29
    On of the nicest things I've gotten is a portfolio...leather; so nice and you can use it when out of college too.