Question for those in Love

  1. What was the most touching Christmas present you've ever received or have given your significant other?

    Mine was when I was 16 - my "kinda" boyfriend let me wear his class ring. I didn't know I was special to him until he let me wear it.
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  3. by   shygirl
    When I became engaged on Christmas Eve. I was working third shift at the time and my sweetie wakes me up at 9pm, (I had been trying to sleep since 7pm), with a beautiful ring! he was on his knees at my bedside and I thought something was wrong because he KNEW how hard it was for me to rest before going in. He asked me to marry him! I forgave him!

  4. by   baseline
    My sweetie gave me a heart-shaped diamond necklace this year....(we had our Christmas while he was here last week). I love it!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Well this sounds kinda corny but our anniversary is right near Christmas (14 years, thank you very much) and last year he gave me a Christmas Cactus.....saying "This will bloom each year right around our anniversary, to remind you of how my love blooms for you each year we are married" ....And this year, boy did that beauty bloom.....numerous fuschia blossoms all over the plant. WHAT A GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a thoughtful gift. I HAVE to love him!
  6. by   hapeewendy
    well mine wasnt really a gift exactly but it sure made my christmas...
    I was 18 (turning 19 that january), was dating a beautiful, funny, sweet "older" guy (Shawn was 23, still shocked my mom let me go out with him! but I digress!), at any rate he had asked me to go to his work christmas party that year, being held at the very posh very beautiful westin harbour castle hotel right here in downtown toronto.. right by the lake, I was giddy with nervous excitement, had myself all dressed up and what have you, at the party with Shawn, danced to our first slow song ...(power of love - celine dion), then he seemed to be all quiet at dinner and drinks, filled with self doubt (as a lot of 18 year olds are) I thought oh god he doesnt like me, he wants to break up with me , he isnt even really talking to me! ack! then he suggested we go for a walk..oh dear here it comes , you know the whole "youre a great girl but I just dont like you anymore!" , I prepare myself for the worst as we walked out of the ritzy foyer of the hotel and down to the lake.....snow lightly falling, I sit down on the bench overlooking lake ontario and then he starts to speak.... "I know its soon and I know that we havent really been going out for all that long (a month and a half , two days, four hours, thirteen minutes but who was counting? haha) but I just wanted to tell you that I am falling completely in love with you and feel so amazing when youre around me, and I want you around me for a very long time" , well that just did it , sealed the deal, I told him I felt exactly the same way, and on that december 15 night I knew what love was for the first time .....
    I was the happiest giddiest version of myself that christmas, didnt matter what happened, I was in love and thats what mattered!

    fast forward seven years and that relationship has since ended (as you all know) but I'm dealing , and that was a happy memory.... nice to look back on.
  7. by   NurseDennie
    Ah. Well. There you go.


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  8. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Anyone ever see that Tool time show... cant remember the actual name right now... where Jill told Tim she just wanted something from his heart or something like that??? Well I told my husband (ex now) I wanted something like that and he made me a Mother's day card out of 2 huge posterboards hooked together with pipe cleaners, and pics of my son at diff stages with little sayings under them that added up to an awesome present!! it was really the only present that had any meaning to it, and I still have it!!!
  9. by   ptnurse
    My first Christmas with my boyfriend (Now my hubby). I got a opal ring with little diamonds on either side. I was only 15. It was the most wonderful gift I ever got. I cherish that ring almost as much as my wedding rings. January will be our 21st wedding anniversary.
  10. by   Beach_RN
    Aside from my engagement ring.. he proposed Christmast Eve 1989! Was The Christmas I was pregnant with my daughter... he said let;s go out for a ride.... we got my son who was 1 in the car and started driving..... he then pulled into a Gas station and told me he had a surprise for me... had me put a blindfold on.... and we started driving again...... he stopped the car, we got out and walked into a building... the next thing I hear was Mrs. so and so,..just hold onto my hand and I will lead you.... I'm so nervous at this point.. and I wondering WTF...... I hear people giggling... we enter another room... and my hubby removes the blind fold.... we were at the FURRIER......I was in a room full of furs!!!!!!!!!!

    He said baby.... pick out the one you want... Merry Christmas!
    and pick out I did......
    Hubby and I never really get ourselves big Christmas presents. His gift to me is that he lets me go overboard with everything, and my gift to him is that I try not to bother him with too much of it.

    But, Christmas is the "anniversary" of the first time we ever....

  12. by   hapeewendy
    the anniversary of the first time you ever what?
    "decorated the tree"?
    "baked christmas cookies"?
    "kissed under the mistletoe"?

    ahhhhh never mind , the first time "I ever" was on prom night, so clearly I have no room to talk
  14. by   Ted
    The first time "I ever". . . was in a hay field (recently mowed). Got to watch the grass. . . . That was over 24 years ago!

    (I feel old. . . .)



    P. S. Oh yea. . . my favorite holiday gift. . . just spending time with the "Mrs.". . . tree lights on, dog next to us wagging her tail, quiet holiday music playing in the background. . . . and just being together. . . .

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