question about Plasma tv

  1. Gateway has been running an ad for plasma screen tv. OK, they showed the people taking it out of box and sticking it on the wall and presto everything is working perfectly. Fifty years of watching tv has taught me that nothing works that easliy or goes so well. I mean, here has to be an outlet and a cable or dish connection somewhere right? So that means wires sticking out somewhere right? ust wondering what some ofthe problems would be.
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  3. by   CashewLPN
    um, that they weigh a ton!!! you have to rig it to the studs if its a big tv, and all the wires et al are run through the wall.... which is a disaster....

    I wanted a flat plasma tv.. 13 inch.... for my bedroom... didnt get it yet... but, yes. there would be wires, but it would be interesting b/c I'm going to put it on my ceiling... (I have a loft bed in a very small room