Question about Ginkoba

  1. hi, was wondering if anyone takes something called ginkoba or ginkgo?

    would you recommend it? how often do you take it?

    is it a vitamn or herb?


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  3. by   delirium
    I don't really take it on a daily basis, but I do drink mad river which is supposedly infused with ginkgo biloba and ginseng (and echinacea, depending on which infusion you drink).
    From my understanding, its an herb which is supposed to help sharpen your mental acuity and memory. As an herbal supplement, its also not regulated by the FDA and so is not as 'safe' as more conventional medications.
    A friend of mine had diagnosed herself with depression and a low sex drive and was taking large amounts of St. John's wort and DHEA. She ended up having a seizure. So be careful with herbs.
    Just my .02.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Per MD recomendation for afternoooon drowssiness, have been taking Ginkgo for 3 years and notice when I forget to take my meds (due to addiction here). Rarely have afternoon drowsiness now.

    Good sources of info:

    Herbal information Center

    Ohio State Univ: Herbals In Your Life...Ginkgo Biloba

    American Accademy of Physicions: Ginkgo Biloba

    A Review of Herb-Drug Interactions: Documented and Theoretical
  5. by   sunnygirl272
    i take spring valley ginkgo complex...
    ginkgo biloba
    siberian ginsing
    citrus bioflavinoids
    bilberry fruit extract

    it has helped alot with general lack of energy, but esp with the drowsiness i get since starting celexa..i take the celexa at hs, but still groggy in am...
  6. by   canoehead
    Gingko makes me bleed from everywhere- affecting bleeding time is a side effect, but just 1 pill and I am spontaneously bleeding. I would advise caution.
  7. by   delirium
    I hadn't heard that before, canoehead. That's scary.
    Its altogether scary what some of these herbal supplements can do. Not that FDA approved pharmaceuticals are any less scary, it just seems that the dangers are a bit more well documented and promulgated to the public.
  8. by   canoehead
    WE've had several pts who deny taking meds, but on further questioning say they take herbs- and one guy on gingko who was put on heparin. It's very dangerous for herbs to be promoted without a caution to treat them as medication. Even patients who mention ASA and vitamins will neglect to mention herbal remedies.
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    Please take a look at the first article above (lists Gingko side effects/precautions) and Drug Herb interactions article. Both excellent......yes prolonged bleeding is major side effect. Gingko SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN by persons on anticoagulants.