1. this may be a common sense thing and i may be the only person on earth who doesnt know what it means but i notice that all yall type DH when refering to your husband. What does DH stand for???
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  3. by   Tweety
    "Dear Husband"
  4. by   BamaRN
    oh ok. thank you - i have been wondering that forever! :chuckle
  5. by   Ari RN
    That's funny!
    I've always thought it meant divorced husband!:icon_roll

    I guess we all learn something new each day!
  6. by   maire
    Certainly it's not a silly question because I had no clue either. I always just said "hubby." :icon_wink
  7. by   Fiona59
    I thought it was "darling hubby"
  8. by   lisamc1RN
    It could also mean "darn husband" under the right circumstances.