1. If you KNOW someone is cheating by working "under the table" and collecting disability, who can you turn them in to? I don't mean penny-anny jobs, I mean collecting aprx $500-$700 buck extra a week free and clear. The grocery where I shop has am employee in a w/c and she is one of the hardest working as far as I can see. The person I am speaking of has far less disability. There are some personal ties to this person but I would rather not go into that. Any ideas?

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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    Id say whoever is writing the disability check is who'd you report to. However, I don't think just because you are working "under the table" that you are cheating the disability folks.
    Lots of people who get disability still can make money, and why shouldn't they?
    If the only way they can earn extra money is working under the table then I say go for it.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ummm IRS?

    I don't know. I have never run across this before. Be careful....
  5. by   l.rae
    I would say the prob with a disability working is , well, they're working when they are saying there is nothing they can do to make money because they are disabled. I mean pocket change is one thing. But the government, ie taxpayers writing checks to ppl already clearing more money than some of us do, well, that's just not right. When you collect a disability chk, you are saying, "I cannot support myself by working." Clearing 500.00 -700.00 a wk is not pocket change and that in my opinion is enough money to get by. imo.
  6. by   Angelica
    I totally agree l.rae.
  7. by   iliel
    hmmm...this is a hard one. My car repair man is on disability, he broke his back at work and takes meds. He has 8 kids and his wife works part time. They did well until this happened. The disability insurance dosn't pay his bills, not even close. He wants to go back to work, but he dosn't have any other skills. Disability wants him to train for another career, as a florist, they offered to train him. Now why would a guy who was making great money want to do that. Can't they think of something more fitting. He does small work on cars now, under the table, to make ends meet.
    That's a tough call, if it's not a real disability then it's fraud, but at the same time if it is real, it's fraud. Disability just wants people off and working anyway they can.
    Sorry, don't know what to tell you, I am stuck in the middle about how I feel about this.
  8. by   debralynn
    Disability checks usually aren't enough to make ends meet. I believe MOST of the time our society forces us to do things like this under the table in order to get by. I have seen too many people make too much money in order to qualify for help, but not enough money to get by on. I say leave the person alone, until you have walked in their shoes, you don't know. And if they are being greedy, it will catch up with them!
  9. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Disability is approximately 1/3 to 2/3 of your regular pay. Now if they are capable of functioning at their normal job...I say report them to the State disability board.....but if they truely are disabled and are working under the table to make ends meet...then I would say turn a blind eye.....let sleeping dogs lie.
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    A man wants to WORK for his money.
    The disability check may help make ends meet but won't make him feel better.
    Better to work under the table and EARN your money than to lay back on your laurals and collect the check solely.
  11. by   Teshiee
    MInd your business!
  12. by   fireball
    Well, here's the rest of the story. When my son was 12yo, his dad suddenly took interest in him and he and his wife conned him into living with them and they won him over. After the honeymoon, I think it is 6 months that the child has to change his mind before custody is final, things changed drasticly. Suddenly, he was their house boy. Wife would even MAKE him rub her back. She hid food, marked the level in the milk carton, he wasn't allowed to have. I could go on, it was evil. Fortunaltely, my son lived close and I got him EVERY weekend and then some. However, he didn't want to move back because in spite of the ill treatment, he was pretty turned loose on his own because they were too uncaring enough to monitor his activities. That kind of freedom to a pre-teen is like a drug. My dgtr, who still lived with me, got next to no attn at all from dad. Incidently, dad is now paying chicken feed child support cause he was off work for for a few months for back surgery. I think like 40.$ a week. Nevermind I never took him back to have it raised when he went back to work and resumed making 50,000+ OT. By 2yrs after returning to work, his attn to my dgtr is nil, and son is used, then left to his own devices. I tell the dad to shape up and give his dgtr some attn, or else I would just get it from his wallet. He totally abandoned her. She was 16yo, dad dropped 100% out of her life. Went to court, got the raise in support. Meanwhile, my son goes in the military. The day before he left, dad brought up some past transgression son had committed and told him he was angry with him, stated, "you put my family at risk when you did such and such."(meaning wife and new kids) Told son, don't call, write or contact me for 2 yrs; (the amnt of time he would be paying the increased child support).

    Well, wifey#2 has some kind of bone disorder and someday may require amputation of a limb. At this time, the only impairment is a mild limp, she pretty much does anything she wants, even went to step aerobics etc. BUT she collects a huge disability check. That check along with all the money they saved in child suport went to buy them a fancy shmancy home a few yrs ago. My kids do not hear from them.

    Anyway, I think Teshiee is correct. I don't want to be bitter but sometimes it just spews out. Revenge isn't mine to seek. But I want to, OH HOW I WANT TO!!! and I am not proud of that either.

    So thanks for listening. I don't post much here. Thanks anyway.

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  13. by   jnette
    Fireball... I understand your emotions. And I appreciate your honesty about your feelings. I, too, do not have words of wisdom here, no advice to give you, nor would I feel right doing so as I am not in your shoes.
    Sometimes, however, I find that letting go of the anger and resentment is quite liberating. That which angers you, CONTROLS you.

    I wish you peace, resolution, and I wish you freedom of anger.

    I'm glad you were able to share and vent your frustrations. Often that is more than enough.. at least for awhile.