Quackwatch site

  1. I ran across this site just surfing the net. Interesting, to say the least. I am just posting this link for people to visit if they wish.


    Any comments?
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  3. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    Some very interesting stuff in there. Thanks for the info.
    Hmmmm. I'll have more time to look at it later, but it looks interesting.

  5. by   JonRN
    Added it to my fav's thought I saw my PCP, good picture of him though.

  6. by   LasVegasRN
    I LOVE this site! Have actually utilized Dr. Barrett's services at the last company I worked for. I emailed him a question about the particular therapy that was being requested, he got back with a detailed response AND posted the article on his site with references.

    The "cheers and jeers" section is funny. Some of the "jeers" are hysterical.