Putting off going to DR.

  1. You know.. Beings as we are in the medical field, we should know when enough is enough and it is time to go to the dr... Well I have been putting off going for a while. I have had problems with my rt. knee for a year or more.. Well now it is getting to the point of constantly hurting. Feels like something is rubbing when I walk and has a constant burning sensation through it.. So I am fixing to suck it up and call the dr... So wish me luck
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  3. by   PennyLane
    Gee, that doesn't sound too fun. Hope the dr. fixes you right up so you have no more pain! Good luck!
  4. by   live4today
    Sending prayers of healing your way, nurse2b! Keep us posted! :kiss
  5. by   LasVegasRN
    I can totally relate. I am almost certain I have a partial rotator cuff tear of my right shoulder, my dominant arm. I just cannot bear the thought of someone scoping my shoulder and having pain in the arm I use for everything. I am a wuss, I know. But somehow dealing with the pain seems better than dealing with the surgical pain. (I know, that doesn't make sense either).
  6. by   CATHYW
    Vegas, I knew all that partying and wild sex and swinging from the chandelier was going to show up sometime! So you're paying with a torn rotator cuff, huh?
    Seriously, I worked with a male nurse that had a torn rotator cuff for several years. He never got anything done about it until it kept getting stuck in odd positions. Now I ask you-what do you know about odd positions? LOL!

    Nurs2b, good luck with your knee. I injured mine 10 years ago, and then again 5 years after that. Still haven't been to the Dr. It grates and has a permanent effusion-type lump on it, but it still works! Kneeling sure isn't any fun, though!
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    Shhhhh, Cathy... stop tellin' everybody!! :chuckle
  8. by   CATHYW
    Woops! Sorry!:imbar
  9. by   Ortho_RN
    UGH!!! I dont understand how it takes so freakin long to get in to the dr.. I called my primary dr for an appt. because we have to be referred to an Orthopedist, and the first available appointment is November 5th!!!!!!!!! I know I have dealt with it for a long time, but geesh... I am considering going to one of our lil "walk-in" clinics and letting them refer me, at least I wont have to wait a month to be referred, just to wait longer to get in to the ortho dr.
  10. by   deespoohbear
    Nov 5th to get into your primary care physician?? That is unreal!! What happens if you are sick with a raging fever and need to be seen THAT day? I guess I am pretty spoiled. About the longest I have ever waited to get in was about 10 days for something that was non-urgent. Our doctor is great about working people in. Guess I don't know how good I have it!!!
  11. by   NRSKarenRN
    Sorry to hear of your woes.

    Viral infection oldest son brought home turned out to need anitbiotic to cure---and was passed on to other son + me. Symptoms started Sunday, by today I'm a mess. Called Drs at 11 AM and was given 1:45 PM appointment TODAY. Did have to wait about 1 hr to see Sue my FNP who appologized for the delay. Named meds desired, got regular meds refilled and good exam--out of office 15 minutes later.

    Guess 20 years with practice counts for something...along with being a low maintence frequent flyer. Joke with pharmacist my family alone providing his salary and pension plan
  12. by   Jenny P
    Hey Nurs2b, go get the knee taken care of. The new scopes they use to do the surgeries work and the recovery time is relatively fast. I only had pain for maybe a week after either of my knee surgeries, but I'd let the knees go for so long that I needed PT to build the muscle strenght back up.

    Hey, Karen, I make a "friday night drug run" to my pharmacy each week; and know (and they know me!) everyone there by their first names! Now that is NOT a good sign!
  13. by   Rustyhammer
    I haven't been to the Dr. in a long time either and now am debating on whether or not I should ask for a complete workup and maybe one of those stress tests...you know, the whole works!
    I don't like the idea but maybe I am *cough* er...over 40 now.
  14. by   JonRN
    Good idea Russell, if nothing else it will ease your mind, and you just might start sleeping better. Best of luck bro.