psychology at its greatest.... AKA... I'm venting.

  1. Its been a ratty week... and now, I need to vent... I apologise in advance to everyone who reads this...

    1) Last friday I hurt myself repositioning a patient. 2 of us were boosting this lady of all of 100 lbs, and the person assisting me did not pull the drawsheet with me.... and I ended up in the ED for a few hours. My mom works down there, and she made it to be like a joke. I was depressed... So now, I have a wonderful shoulder injury, and I am depressed
    2) I go to employee health services, and they dont clear me to return... thank god... but, they say 'go see a physiatrist' and, assign me one who is my bud. I go... after some deliberation and MRI, Rotator cuff tear. Very minor, gotta go on 'modified duty' and PT
    3) I go to PT... get a TENS treatment and a hot pack. They say 'try to lift this dowel over your head using your good arm as support' I get it over my head... simple range of motion exercises...right?!! I can do it, but with pain that causes me to see stars... the therapist (who really is great) switches my exercises... so, now, I get some deep heat therapy, and get to swing my arm around in pretty little circles as I kinda let it hang... lovely.
    4) I go up to the floor after this mess... They make me the 'admission nurse' even though I'm not supposed to have that job as I am an LPN and cannot do initial assessments in the state of NY... so-- they assign the RN to do part of the admits... AKA a serious waste of time and effort... they had me filling out face sheets and vital signs... legally, thats all I can really do... I do about 4 of these... (the forms I had to do are 3 pages each, leaving the RN with 2 to do) . I glean as much info out of these old people who want to tell me about their lives and, each of their childrens problems...
    5) the last admit, who arrived on the floor at around 3 or so, was supposed to be done by the RN (who wasnt in charge, and changed the nurse assignment sheet, with the defense 'I didnt want to get the admits on my moduole. Its too much paperwork... our admits are way different from the rest of the hospital, and he switches the groups without permission)
    6) Stupid me thinks that he might actually do the admit... After all, I find him in the dayroom reading the Post.
    7) Quarter to eleven, I check the chart just to make sure it was all done... and guess what... NOTHING WAS TOUCHED...
    8) I grab the old chart, and the report, and notice that this pt is confused x3.... a perfect rehab candidate(note the sarcasm dripping everywhere) with a 1:1 sitter... I jog to the room to be greated with 'Get outta here ya f---er... I'm gonna walk outta here.... (pt has b/l 3rd deg burns to plantar foot surfaces, and keeps hopping out of bed and running into the hallway)
    9) I fill out what I can...
    Here, I will admit my wrongdoing... I did not label the top of all the sheets... I was in a rush, and hadnt slept in 3 days.
    10) I get in trouble for not labeling the sheets, which I admit to... BUT... I also get in trouble for not 'satisfactorally completing the admit that was up on the floor in enough to completely do the admit... AND THEY SAID NOTHING TO THE RN, UNTIL I TOLD THEM THAT HE WAS READING THE PAPER AS I WAS DOING ONE OF THE OTHER ADMITS...AND SHE TOLD ME THAT 'THATS WHAT HE USUALLY DOES, AND I SHOULDNT COUNT ON HIM' WHAT BS. UTTER BS.
    So... now, I'm pissed off... depressed.... I mean-- I can barely use the dowel 1 week later.... my ROM is still riddled with pain... And I do admit... I am compaining around a bit... but-- what can I do for my discomfort--- I'm taking Vioxx, which works, but makes me have stomach pain... Motrin and Naproxyn arent working anymore... tylenol is a joke... Vicodin/percocet/tylenol #3's I cant take as they make me puke, and cant take them at work...
    well... I am depressed that I seem to be getting in trouble for something I cant help... I mean-- I used to compete with a freaking quarter staff at the renaissance faires... now, I cant lift a broom stick.... I go to therapy, and it seems like all the other people are doing so much better than me...
    my best friend.... one I've been going out with for ages, his uncle just died... he's taking it hard... usually I vent out to him... now, he's venting to me, and I dont wanna unload onto him, he has enough stress without me addidng to it...
    --sigh-- I feel at this moment that I am sick of my job because of staffing problems... the risk of mandation is so high, we're keeping extra sets of clothes in our lockers.... we're all getting injured from the extra shifts... and I'm talking getting mandated for 8 hours 3 times a week, and if the LPN's refuse mandation,we get suspended, or charged with abandonment..... The paperwork is rediculous... I'm debating becoming a garbage man... if nothing else... there is less chance that the garbage will leap up and beat you up unlike our TBI's who have been freaking out... I also figure that the insidence of work related injurys are about the same... AND... they provide uniforms... they Clean uniforms... dropping for undies, leather gloves and shoes has gotta be cheaper than the constant supply of white scrubs which I've been buying lately... theyre more polkadotty now... and, I imagine... its gotta be easier to deal with the smells too...

    ok... I'm done for now... the arm hurts too much to go on.
    sorry again for the mess.
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  3. by   kids
    It really sucks when everything piles up on you when you are in pain. I really hope you get some relief, feel some progress in PT and just plain feel better soon.

    Quarter staff eh? My husband is one of those guys who wears armor and beats on other guys. Me, I just happen to look great in garb and read a mean deck of tarot cards.

  4. by   Jenny P
    Okay Barbara, I read your #8 as the pt. had "bilateral 3rd leg burns"-- and it sounds as though you should wish that on him! BTW, LPNs are the same as RNs: you CANNOT be charged with abandonment IF you've already worked your shift and are unable to work a second shift. If you feel incapable of giving safe care to the patients; you can leave. (At least that's how we interpret our Nurse Practice Act here in Mn.; I'd advise you to get a copy from your Board of Nursing and read it to see what it says).
    I hope you're feeling better soon. It's tough to have pain and try to function normally.

    Here's a hug for you to help you heal. ((((((Barbara))))))

    Hope you're better soon.
  5. by   nur20
    So Sorry YETi, Hope your shoulder gets better soon and i know that with eveything else going on around you it is just aggravating the pain. When it rains, it pours. In the meantime, remember this saying: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has determined that the maximum safe load capacity on my butt is two persons at a time, unless I install handrails or safety straps. As you have arrived sixth in line to ride my ass today, please take a number and wait your turn. Thankyou
  6. by   CashewLPN
    jenny-- mandation is a part of our contract... the only way sometimes we avoid mandation is schedualing doubles, as we are not allowed to 3rd shift in NY, as it is illegal... if everyone ahead of you on the list of 'mandatable people' refuse the last person on the list is forced to stay, no matter what... its a horrible contract. Thank god, its over in february.
    And-- the burns are on her feet-- a careless hha dipped her into a way too hot bath.
    nur 20--The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has determined that the maximum safe load capacity on my butt is two persons at a time, unless I install handrails or safety straps. As you have arrived sixth in line to ride my ass today, please take a number and wait your turn. Thankyou
    excellent-- I'm posting that up at work!!
    kids-- cool... I dont do full body plate, but my brother and I stage battles (only after we set our hats on the ground for 'donations') its depressing that I cant play with a 13 ounce broomstick, let alone my staff...