psst.... hey.... all you GYN nurses.....

  1. OK, OK yes I never post anymore but lurk daily, and this is a needy post but what the h***, I'm scared to death and I can't even function lately. I have a hx of ovarian cysts that rupture, some have been found to be hemorraghic (sp?), a few ruptured causing a lot of pain. Recent transvaginal US showed a comp;ex cyst and thickening of the ovaries. My anp suggests BCPsto shrink but I read that they only shrink simple cysts. Then I gotta call from my OBGYN who said that my PAP came back abnormal. I am so scared . went to the NP cus GYN poo-pooed my c/o. Now I am being reffered to another doc for colposcopy. Could this all be related ? The pap and the ovarian probs? Any one know a good reseach site? BTW neg for infection. CBC good. neg urine HCG. Sorry this post is so long. My next appt. is six days away , that's a long time to stew. TIa for any help.