Protecting children from the media and 9-11 this week

  1. There was an article in our local papers that said kids need to be protected from all the media blitz this week regarding 9-11.

    It said, "every network is planning a daylong 9-11 memorial."
    CBS said they felt theirs was excessive , but , "we would rather err on the side of too much than too little."

    The article said many children may believe it is happening again.
    And that children, in particular, are suffering high stress and anxiety levels, fear, confusion, and emotional terror.

    It said the memorials are especially hard on children age 12 & under because they do not have a long history of previous fears and anxieties .... that they have successfully worked through as adults their innocence causes them more emotional and physical pain as they relive the tragedy.

    It suggested restricting the viewing for children from none to two hours maximum depending on the age.

    And it reminded the parents that the children are picking up on our own feelings of apprehension, tenseness and sorrow.
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  3. by   Beach_RN
    My hubbie and I will probably watch one of the specials with the children that evening... however, if they feel like they want to watch cartoon network....then so be it.. we will not force them!

    We will be visiting Ground Zero that weekend and attending a special mass at our church also!