Prom dates gone bad . . .

  1. Prom dates gone bad . . .
    I guess I started thinking about my high school proms since my reunion is coming up next week. My first prom was the prom from he11!! :chuckle Anyone else want to share their story of their prom?

    Here's mine ... (sorry but it's a bit long)

    It was my 11th grade year. I was "dating" a guy in the 10th grade whose parents wouldn't let him drive to the prom. So I had to drive. My dad agreed to let me drive to the city (about 30 min away) to go to this resturant my bf wanted to go to. Well, 3 days before prom my dad changed his mind, so I had to switch reservations to the only decent resturant in town. Which meant we had to go to dinner super early.

    The day of prom came ... it was time for my bf to arrive. No bf in sight.... 15 min, then 30. I called his house. Seems that he was cleaning the basement and FORGOT about prom!! Ok, so he was JUST an hour late ...

    Just as he arrives at my house, it starts to pour. Guess who didn't get her shoes waterproofed?? And of course my parents want to take pictures of me outside in the "natural" setting. Oh yeah, he brings flowers for HIM to wear not ME ... what was he thinking?? What was I thinking about wearing such a big dress in such a little car?? I got it stuck in the car door!!

    Dinner was ok ... he offered to pay the tip since I bought dinner. He left a $1 tip for a $50 meal (I go behind him and increased the tip.)

    At prom, I get sick ... the diahrrea kind, and have to spend a good 1/2 hour in the bathroom. Back and forth, back and forth. On the way to the bathroom, I get my floor length dress stuck on the tape holding down decorations and it takes 3 teachers to release me. :imbar

    After prom, we decide to rent a movie and chill at his place. Sounds fun... until we hit every single movie store in our town for the ONLY movie he will watch..... and of course it's nowhere to be found.

    Since we can't find it, he suggests that we go and "park". Oh yeah baby, I just had a night from HE11 and you expect me to do what?!?:roll I dropped him off at his house and met up with some of my friends afterwards - and had a much better time!

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  3. by   nursedawn67
    Sounds like your prom was the night from hell! My prom was fun, I liked my date so much I married him! That was 16 1/2 years ago!!
  4. by   Debbielynn
    Well it wasn't my prom, but my handicapped sons. I rented him a stretch white limo. He took four of his teachers, they went out to eat before the prom, he danced the night away, and yes with some normal girls too. This was his junior year. He loved it so much I did it again for his senior year. He had the best looking limo and his ex teacher looked pretty hot too. (she was thin and wore a short black dress). He sure did enjoy it!
  5. by   Nurse Ratched
    I was dating a guy who didn't want to go to the prom and thought that meant I wouldn't go either - HA! I lobbied successfully to allow people to go "stag" (the first and last year it was permitted - the "beautiful people" didn't like the idea that dateless geeks - like myself - would be able to get in!) Then I asked a friend of my brother's to take me (he was a good ten years older, a very sweet guy, and he had been to every prom since the 10th grade as the date for a girl who otherwise didn't have one lol.)

    The kicker was then my bf of the time asked my best friend (who had recently been dumped by *her* bf) to go to the prom with him. I didn't care - I was glad she said yes because she didn't want to show up alone and otherwise wouldn't have been there.
  6. by   Robin61970
    Wow, our prom you could go alone or with a date. I had a steady boyfriend whom I had been dating for 6-8 months and was really excited until he broke up with me 3 weeks before prom so........I had a very good friend that I worked with who had graduated a couple of years before and I asked him to go with me.......even offered to pay for his tux, but he wouldn't let me. He and I had a wonderful time.......I even got to dance with The guy I had a crush on for a year,lol. We really had fun and never went out again, but were still friends for the longest.......I haven't seen him in years because he got married and had a child. His wife was a jealous person and I wanted them to make it so I just quit going around........he deserved to be happy.
  7. by   Stargazer
    Hmm. Well, my prom story is that I didn't get asked--the guy I liked at the time agreed to double-date w/some friends of mine and then agonized over whether to ask me or another girl. He ended up asking the other girl who, according to my friends, was a big downer the whole night. Stiff and humorless, didn't get any of their jokes, had to be home VERY early, then, when they dropped her off, hung around forever chatting while they tried desperately to peel themselves away. The first words out of his mouth as they drove away were "Man, I should've asked Stargazer!" "WE TOLD YOU SO!!!" screamed my friends. The funny part is that I drove to the city w/a girlfriend and we had a great time dancing the night away at an all-ages nightclub.

    Having him ask the wrong girl and then regret it while I was off having fun, was almost better than going myself. Does that make me a bad person?

    Another prom story, not mine, but one I think of whenever I go to one of my favorite area restaurants: a local high-school girl, who was also double-dating w/friends, got stood up by her date. They dragged her to the restaurant anyway and had to tell the waitstaff why they were a party of 3 instead of 4. Restaurant management frees one of the dishwashers to go home and clean up while they wine and dine the table of students. Dishwasher Boy shows up near the end of the meal--comped by the restaurant--wearing a nice suit and requests to escort the girl in her absent date's place. Girl accepts and they go to the prom and apparently have a wonderful time.

    I love that story.
  8. by   Mama Val
    My senior prom was great but the junior prom was a total bust
    My mom had picked out the dress and I looked like Tinkerbell, was not happy :bluecry:. I didn't have a boyfriend and a friend of mine asked me to go...great. His mom and dad ohh and ahhed and took lots of pictures, his little sister was a holy terror He was the perfect gentleman all night...a little tooooooo perfect. I should have seen it comming...he's gay. Needless to say I went home with a handshake
    I done had myself knowcked up for my senior prom.

  10. by   Mama Val
    Thats a winner OBNURSEHEATHER
    Well, I didn't get knocked up at the prom, rather I was already knocked up, which had a slight effect on the way most of the dresses looked on me.

    So I stayed home and got laid for free

  12. by   live4today
    I did not attend the senior prom from my own high school because during my entire senior year, the guy I was "engaged to marry" was serving our country in Vietnam, and I refused to go with another man. Let time roll back today with what I learned about that same soldier, and I would say To hell with him....and go with someone else. Anyhoo......instead, I went with my brother (he graduated the same time I did, but at a different high school). My brother and his girlfriend and a family friend went with us, so the "four" of us had a good time together...AT MY BROTHER'S....not my...HIGH SCHOOL PROM. Gosh.....I was soooooo gullible and naive back then. If a guy says he loves you, he loves you right??? I bought that lie for YEARS!!! Try it on me today and you'll not live to see your next birthday. :kiss
  13. by   Mkue
    Worst Prom Date?

    He was a nice guy but only had one thing on his mind!.. I held the door handle all the way home. Never went out with him again. He was a wolf in sheeps

  14. by   kids
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    I done had myself knowcked up for my senior prom.

    Heather (now ex) sister in law charged me $20 to babysit my daughter so I could go to prom...the next year I said screw it and had a wedding instead of going.