Progesterone Cream: Miracle product or hype?

  1. Anybody out there ever try this stuff? After visiting some of the million or so web sites touting this alledged cure for hormonal imbalances, I bought some and began using it a few days ago. Its claim is that it counter acts the effects of estrogen dominance which leads to many unpleasant symptoms in menopausal and perimenopausal women. Would appreciate any comments from users. Thanks!
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  3. by   live4today
    I only recall a doctor talking about it on the Oprah Show a couple weeks ago. She said it was an effective cream to use.
  4. by   babynurselsa
    I have several coworkers who swear by the stuff. One of them started using it for her migraines and says that she hasn't had one since she began. There is one "side effect" that her husband makes sure she doesn't run out.......
  5. by   Nebby Nurse
    Well I have been on it for two weeks now and a couple things I've noticed is that the severe lethargy and irritability that rule my life prior to my period are absent this month. Also, another good thing is that the cloud of fog in my head every morning when I get up is lifting and I am able to fuction on just one cup of coffee instead of the whole pot. It really does seem to have good benefits even for the short time I have used it.
  6. by   joyrochelle
    what about nonlabeled uses? like for people with hormonal imbalances but not perimenopausal?? I wonder what that would do to stabilize crazy hormone fluctuations.
  7. by   duckie
    Do you know of a website where we could go to read about this???
  8. by   Nebby Nurse
    Just type in progesterone cream and you'll find thousands of web pages!