Precip delivery out of L & D area?

  1. I had an old nursing friend/ED nurse who had a desire to--just once--delivery a baby. Now ME? No way. When I had to take ob's up to the L & D unit, I got really nervous when they didn't want to sit up straight in the w/c. etc.

    So here's the question? How many NON-OB nurses have traveled in to the obstetric zone?

    We did a delivery in our ED on a woman who was a multip and professed not to know that she was not only pregnant but in labor! Our usually unflappable ED doc did a pelvic for her persistent (and regular) abd pain and was confronted with a crowning perineum. This sounds like this guy was an idiot, but the answer is "not usually." He muttered, "There's hair! There's hair!" and scampered out to get an ob without disclosing his concerns to the nurse. Anyhow, God looks out for fools and nurses and we had a normal baby in the ED

    Anyhow, any war stories?
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  3. by   kitty=^..^=cat
    I once worked ER in a small, rural hospital in Tennessee. There was one situation much like yours, Molly...

    One Saturday evening in late September, a patient presented with abdominal pain and an elevated temp -- Twenty-one year old college student home for the weekend, LMP 3 weeks prior to the ER visit, abdomen appeared distended without having that "gravid look". Thinking she'd perforated something, the physician ordered an acute abdomen series on her. The pre-radiology pregnancy screening was positive, and I had to break the news to her. The patient's mother was lurking nearby, thinking her daughter was terribly ill, so after I found an excuse to get the mother out of the room, I told the patient that her pregnancy test was positive.

    "That's impossible," she said. "The last time I had sex was between Christmas and New Year's."

    A quick finger-count didn't take long -- Christmas + 9 months = late September.

    The ER doc hadn't delivered a baby in about twenty years, but with a little help from an ancient CNA (who'd had three of her five sons at home), we did just fine. The baby was amazingly healthy to have received no pre-natal care.

    I felt really sorry for the patient. She and her family seemed very close -- really nice people. Her parents were devastated when they found out what we were all getting so busy about...

    I still think about them and hope things worked out.