Prayers for strength and healing needed STAT!!

  1. Good evening my beloved siblings. As you all by now have heard, I have keeping everyone on the BB updated on Duckie's condition with her pneumonia. She's starting to feel better physically, but she's also beeen very depressed for the last couple of days. The combination of being sick and cooped up in the house, and missing a week's worth of work really taken its toll on he emotions. She fees she's letting everybody down by being sick and not being able to work and care for her people the way that she should. I've told her time anrd again, "People get sick honey, they undestand. It's not you fault, you don't have to own this." She undestands, but I hear her tears just the same, and it literally rips my guts out. So I beg of you please pray for Duckie's strength to return so that she can be completely healed and back to work and happy once more........Father God, I ask as a personal appeal to you my one and only Savior to breathe new strength into the spirit of my friend Sherry as only You can. Take this debilitating illness from her body, and restore her wounded spirit. I boldly stand on Your promises and humbly ask these things in Jesus' precious name, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit One God Now and Forever, Amen! and Amen. Warrior Woman.
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  3. by   BadBird
    Amen, Theresa I could not have said it better. Duckie please feel better soon.
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    i hope you feel better soon!!! give those abx a time to work - you can't do it all. and you're not letting anyone down by not being there ..... we all rather have sick people at home getting better.
  6. by   duckie
    Hi Everyone, thank you for your concern and prayers. Yea, Theresa is right, I've been under the weather and when satan can hit you, he aims where you're most apt to feel it. My chest is starting to clear up and after a good converstation with my pal Theresa, my spirits are moving upward. I'm taking enough medications to either kill or cure me for sure. My MD put me on a second med for depression cause he knows how I get when I loose control of things. I'm hoping it will only be short term. The first three days I slept, which was probably good but have been awake more today. Hubby has to go to a nearby town tonight at 11:30p to take his brother to work and he said I could go along just to get out of the house an hour or so, if I bundled up real good. I cannot stand these walls anymore so I might do it. My supervisor gave me no choice and took me off the weekend schedule, which I apprecaite no pressure to come back before I'm ready but I called my unit and found out a dear resident is critical and I want so much in my heart to be there if this is her final days but I also know I could not be any good to her right now. I do not want your pity or concern but prayers would be greatly appreciated casue I really want to get back to work, just don't have all this time to loaf, know what I mean. I love you all and am thankful for you all and especially my worry wart pal Theresa, who are in my corner. Hugs!!!!
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    ((((((((Duckie))))))))) My prayers are with you...always! :kiss
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