Prayers for my son and maybe some advice...

  1. Hi. I don't have a whole lot of time because I am headed back to the hospital. They have aditted my four year old son, Trey, as of yesterday. He was severely dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea. He has ben sick like this on and off for months...(since Mid-January) with no real explanation. i have been getting extremely frustrated and we finally thought he was over it. Just yesterday morning, we were saying how much better he looked and then by 5 pm, he was throwing up everything he ate or drank. I finally told the Dr. last night that they were going to figure out what is wrong or we are taking him to Children's hospital 2 hour away. They are FINALLY listening to me and agreeing that something is definately wrong with him. I'll get more detailed later if I don't get answers from them and maybe you all have some ideas.

    For now, if you all could just send up some prayers I would appreciate it.
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  3. by   jnette
    Gosh, CNM2B... sure wish your little guy a speedy recovery... and hope they will get to the bottom of wahtever is causing these episodes.

    You're right.. it's time to take a much closer look. Please give the little fella a warm squeeze from us, and do keep us posted on his progress. You take care of Mom, too... get plenty of rest yourself to reenergize and relax your frayed nerves. :kiss
  4. by   Elenaster

    Nothing's more unsettling than having a sick child. I hope they get to the bottom of this immediately and the little guy feels better. Just telling you my gut feeling here, but if you don't have at least a clue what's going on soon, I'd get him to the children's hospital ASAP.
  5. by   Tweety
    Hugs. Hope he gets well soon. Best wishes.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    great big hugs, mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let us know how he does.
  7. by   dianah
    Sometimes all parents have to go on is their gut, intuition, whatever. I'd feel more comfortable if he were at a Children's Hosp, too; but you will no doubt monitor the situation and do what's right for your little one. Hope he's better soon.
  8. by   nursedawn67
    The poor guy...give him a hug from all of us!!

    We pray for a speedy recovery!
  9. by   MelRN13
    You're in our prayers for a speedy recovery.
  10. by   ?burntout
    Big hugs....I hope he feels better soon.
  11. by   MryRose
    I hope your little guy gets better quickly!

    I'm sending lots of Hugs and Prayers his way.

    Gently Hugs,

  12. by   TinyNurse
    Best wishes to your 4 year old little guy, from me and my 4 year old little guy.
    my heart goes out to you, and I'm glad you finally demanded answers!
    xoxo Jen
  13. by   Nurse Jeni
    Kim, I've not conversed with your before, but I've made contact Upstairs for you and yours! Let us know of his progress!
  14. by   Loving Life
    I will keep you and your son in my prayers.