Prayers and Positive Thoughts Requested for Warrior Woman....

  1. Dear Allnurses Siblings,

    It is with much sadness that I am coming before you all to ask for much needed prayers and positive thoughts for our beloved sister...Warrior Woman (Theresa) and her mother.

    She telephoned me just a little bit ago and left a message for me on my answering machine to inform me that her mother had been taken back to the hospital one more time. She sounded so upset....I'm sorry I missed her call. She should be at the hospital now with her mother. She stated she just can't take anymore because school and her mom are all that keep her going.

    She has not heard from the school yet on whether or not she will be allowed to continue in the LPN program. Please keep her in your thoughts right now. I thought this thread would be a great way for us to show her how much support she truly does have here at Allnurses from all of us.

    If I hear anymore on her mother's situation, I will let you know. Let's pray we will hear from Theresa this evening sometime.....and that she will be able to share some good news with us on her mother's health condition, and her situation at school. Thank you all for your time and well wishes for our sister. :kiss


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  3. by   jemb
    You got it! Warrior Woman -- Positive thoughts to you and your mom. Blessed be.
    (((((warrior woman)))))

  5. by   hoolahan
    My thoughts and prayers are with you too {{{{{{Warrior Woman}}}}}} :kiss :angel2:
    Hey Renee... check your PM box....

  7. by   Rustyhammer
    We are here for you WW!
  8. by   jennyej
    My thoughts are with you and your mother Warrior Woman !!!
  9. by   dianah
    Prayers and thoughts are flashing out now . . . -- D
  10. by   Carleigh
    Warrior Woman, my thoughts and prayers are with you. My dad has terminal lung cancer and I'm about to start my first yr. of nursing school. Take care of yourself, tell your mom how much you love her and don't give up! Life isn't always fair but keep on fighting the fight.
  11. by   live4today
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    Hey Renee... check your PM box....

    Gotcha Heather! :kiss

    Thanks everyone for pulling together once again to pray for one of our very own. I still haven't heard from her. I'm going to call her home in a little bit to see if she made it back from the hospital. It's only a little before eight in the evening there now, so she probably is still with her mom at the hospital.
  12. by   ucavalpn
    ((((( ww)))))) 's and prayers.
  13. by   shygirl
    ((((((((Warrior Woman)))))))

    I'm sorry about your mom. It sounds pretty bad right now for you. I will pray for your continued strenghth through all this!

  14. by   night owl
    Sending you this {{{{{hug}}}}} and special prayers for you and your mom...