Practice Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Okay, I must start with a confession; I come up with these great ideas and I do not follow through all of the time. I do not know why, but it happens. The more I mature, the less I put on myself, but I think I delay more then any other reason because I want my idea to be perfect. Can you relate?

    So here is my story; I bought a very nice taped series, used from the library, titled, "Chicken Soup for the Soul". It is lovely and rather a novice version in living right. So I think, I should just mail this to a friend whom I think will benefit from it. I will also include another self stamped envelope for them to "Pass it On". Great idea but not done.... yet... I start to get complicated etc.. would I write a letter? What if they think it is hokey etc....


    I will do it, send the tape etc... but was wondering:

    What sort of "Random Acts of Kindness" make a difference? It is the ego speaking, certainly, to have the need to be complimented by our acts of kindness, but what can you share of those acts that you do?

    Geech... am I philosophical today or what!

    Love you guys:kiss

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  3. by   nightingale
    There is a website devoted to this! Nice....

  4. by   Mary Dover
    Nightngale, if I'm understanding you correctly, I'm kinda the same way. Like - if I do this to show I care, how stupid is it going to make me look? So if I decide to do it anyway, spend way to much time trying to do it as well as possible to ensure conveying the right message.

    But actually I'm finding that the older I get, the easier it is to express my feelings, especially verbally, without worrying too much at all about what the recipient thinks. I now TELL people that I care about, just how I feel about them. As nurses, I'm sure we've all too often come to realize just how quickly things can change, and how limited those opportunuties may become. Shoot, I even tell people that I've come to know thru allnurses- people that I haven't even met ( but have come to know and grown to care for) that I love them. Now how dorky is that?
    I love you Mary

    Not dorky at all!

  6. by   mother/babyRN
    The other day I decided to try this. Was in Walmart in line after a long night with a cashier who absolutely did not want to be there. No smile. No attempt at assisting me. My turn. I get to her, I notice she has a lovely necklace and earrings so I tell her (truthfully), that they look beautiful on her. She smiles a beautific smile. Makes my day. She pays attention to the lady after me..I think, hmm, this is fun. Stop at Dunkin Donuts and order. Get there and clerk 1 is complaining to clerk 2 that she will never get out of there and why the hell does she have to be there anyway? She really isn't paying much attention to me and normally, as long as my order is right, it wouldn't matter BUT, I notice she has sculpted and designed nails which are perfect and way cool. So, I tell her and I thank her for always remembering what I order even when I am out of her view at the driveup window. I mention that she never forgets the way I like my coffee and although I can save lives, I am not sure I could do what she does. GREAT smile...Keeps me going. Sometimes the random acts are simple notifications of things we think but don't take the time to say....
  7. by   NurseDennie
    This is a funny thread, as funny strange, not necessarily funny 'ha-ha.'

    I get embarassed and/or uncomfortable when people notice that I've done something especially nice or over and above what's expected. I guess I get a bit of a British sense of self-worth from that, because I do always and everywhere do more than usual and nobody knows it or at least nobody remarks on it.

    So when somebody does find out something I've done or something and makes a comment, I amost always in a mild sort of panic mention that "it was the least I could do."

    And then if that person frowns (which they often do, because it's a puzzling thing for someone else to have said) I turn it into a joke. I tell the person that, as I go through life, I am always alert to find what is the LEAST that I can do, and then I go ahead and do that.

    Then we laugh and I go someplace else and not worry about it.


  8. by   jevans
    I have to agree I always say You're welcolme
  9. by   nightingale
    Mary: On sending the tape, I hesitate because I think I want to do "it bettter". I mull over, what if I did this or that; it is almost a perfectionist thing for I think, "I only have one crack at it; which is quite silly.

    The other day, I made a purchase and was given 2 $5's in change instead of 1. I immediately told the cashier and she was surprised and thanked me for my honesty; and I said, "Well of course". That just made us both smile real big toothy smiles.

    Life is too short....
  10. by   Mary Dover
    AWWW Heather, I love you too - you're making me have 'a moment'

    Just last night, I let a lady in line at Walmart go ahead of me. She only had a couple of items to my cart full. She was so grateful for such a small gesture that I'd not really given any thought to. It felt really good. Then wouldn't ya know, when it came my turn to pay, the little electronic thing where you swipe your card malfunctioned. There I stood, punching and punching the buttons, thinking I must be annoying the h&^* out of the couple inline behind me. As I finally managed to get it to work, I turned and apologized to the couple for holding them up. "Oh no problem" they said. I'd really like to believe that being kind to others results in kindness being returned.
    Mother/babyRN, I loved hearing about those things you did. I can just imagine how good you made those people feel. I'm going to practice doing more of that myself.
    Nightngale - the more I come to know you, the more I absolutely believe - YOU ROCK!
    And Dennie Dear - you know you are one of my bestest buds!
  11. by   mario_ragucci
    Random ats of kindness are predicated by scheduled and expected ones :-)

    I am happy to see yall using the LOVE word. Most folks are scared to say I love you, or show love, but it is real, and you can feel it.

    Sometimes a nurse has to be mean at bedside, with denials of food and suppositories and caths.

    The touch of a person can tell you if they are kind, if they bother to be so personal with you as to shake or grasp hands.

    Mary - I am still sorry for that night I went off in a chat room and got verbally abusive. In my culture, sometimes people will act mean and stupid just for the sake of it, like "shock drama." It has no meaning (meant to have no meaning) I am so sorry I got all stupid, and hope you figive me. Do you?
    Hey Mario! Where ya been? They working ya hard?

    These random acts of kindness are nice things that help us to step back and appreciate the value of other human beings. It doesn't have to be a big thing, but it can mean so much.

    Holding the door for someone, picking something up that they drop, letting someone pull out in front of you to avoid a long wait, letting them cut in line, getting rid of a couple of pennies to help someone make exact change, when it's cold outside and I'm in my warm car, letting all of the walkers at a store or school cross in front of me (and while all of the mean people behind me honk their horns, I still manage a smile and a wave).

    Another act of kindness? Saying thanks for these things. How many times have you let a driver pull out in front of you, only for them not act like you're not even there? That silly little wave means so much, and offers encouragement for you to continue passing these acts of kindness to others.

  13. by   duckie
    I have found that smiles are contagious. Even if I'm in a down mood, if someone smiles at me, it brightens my outlook. It takes so little time to offer to help someone with a door, give a compliment, To your co-workers a thank you or an I appreciate you goes a long way in building self esteem, and changing their outlook. I love to give cards to people for no reason, that always brings a smile. Lending a hand to others is an act of kindness and eventually they too will see that is good and will start giving this in return to others. Giving love usually results in receiving love and if it doesn't, then you know you have done your part to make the world a better place and you never know whose life you might touch that makes all the difference in the world. I think many of you on this board do acts of kindness constantly by lending an ear to those who need a friend to listen, by giving advice and support. I cannot thank you all for the times you have lifted me up when I was down so far I didn't think I could pull myself out of bed to face another day. But you shared your time, your thoughts and you heart. That's what makes all of you so special. There is a lot of love and caring on this board, you are all terrific!!!!!!
  14. by   boobaby42
    This is a great thread! You never know, how you treat another person may make all the difference in their life.

    Yesterday, I noticed an older woman at the checkout line at a store I frequent. I had seen her before, she always looked so sad. I came up to her to check out and I complimented her on her hair. I got the name of her hairdresser. She glowed as she daintily touched her beautiful white hair.
    My son said afterwards, "Mom, that was sooo sweet. You made that lady's day! Did you mean it, I mean, about her hair?"
    Mind you, I didn't know he was even looking and I didn't mention my plan.
    I said, "Of course I meant it. She always looks so fresh and pretty. I want a new hair dresser too."