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  1. Hi List,

    Does anybody know where can I found free Practice questions for NCLEX-RN EXAM on interenet? and what book is best for review?

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  3. by   NICU_Nurse
    I would highly suggest that you try for your nclex review. It is really, really good, but unfortunately not free. You can subscribe online and hear audio lectures on all the topics that pertain to nursing- it's like your entire nursing education right to the point. She gives review classes also, and has a schedule online (but I think she's mainly in the southern states), and EVERYONE I know has taken her class. I have not known someone who attended who didn't pass the nclex. I personally didn't have the money to take the class, so I got the online one month subscription, and it is AWESOME. She has questions for each section and the audio lectures are just really, really good. I used the Saunders/Silvestri book, which comes with a disk that has thousands of questions on it, and other people have agreed that this one is one of the best. Good luck! I didn't have much luck finding free questions online either, but buying the book solved that problem for me.
  4. by   thisnurse
    ill bet they do have a program. included in our ciriculum was a certain amount of hours in the computer lab taking practice NCLEX's over and over .
    at the time i thought it was the biggest pain in the ass, but looking back, im sure it helped us to pass.