power outage, share your stories

  1. Well, folks, I am in KY so am not suffering the power outage myself. But I do have a family member that works in NYC. He works at the Times so still has to work....just like hospital people....One of those other jobs that even if the end of the world is coming, you still have to work.
    Anyway, when you get power back (or some of you may have some partial power like the Times, whose computers are working), please take a moment and share with us your stories about going through this blackout.
    Please know too, that your brothers and sisters in nursing are supporting you, and care about you.
    Thanks everyone for sharing and caring.
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  3. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Guessing by no comments, Do you suppose the power is still off?? Humm... I know it is a rough time up there.. Sure hope they can get back to normal soon..
  4. by   live4today
    I am amazed how well the people in the affected areas are getting along! I see them pictured on the news like they are having one big family reunion...kindness, closeness, caring, and sharing going on. Awwww....it touched my heart so to see such love being poured out in a time like that from total strangers mostly. Goes to show us how loving and caring of a people we truly are when adversity strikes our country. God bless America! :kiss
  5. by   fergus51
    Power is still off in my neighbourhood. The weather is what is so brutal (approaching 100 F), coupled with the walk up to my appartment... I don't know why I wanted a place with a view. The other problem is the transit system still isn't working well. No subways or street cars.... I actually had no money and no food, so I was pretty relieved when downtown got some power back so I could take out some money and get some food!
  6. by   venom600
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  7. by   Gator,SN
    My mom is in New York for my cousins wedding. She had just checked into her hotel and the power went out! She said it was really hot and miserable!
    I didn't hear from her today, so I hope that means the power is back on for the rehersal dinner! The wedding is at 2pm Saturday so it shouldn't be a problem with lighting, just everything else!
    I hope my cousin is not thinking that this is some sort of 'sign' or something!

  8. by   Ted
    I live "upstate" New York. . . about 120 miles north of New York City and 30 miles south of Albany, NY. (Yea. . . I know! It's not as "upstate" as Buffalo or Malone. . . )

    I was sleeping when the lights went out. At the time we didn't know what was happening. For a short while the lights came back on. I was awake, then. My loving wife, Amy, told me about the lights being out and expressed concern with the more than $20,000 worth or computer, audio, video software and hardware equipment we own. So I quickly went into the "studio" portion of our humble house and checked things out. Much to my horror I found two very important devices NOT WORKING as a result of the black out. (The value of just these two items are worth over $3,000.00.)

    I whined. I moaned. I really felt very sorry for myself because we don't have the money to replace them both at present.

    Then my wife turned on the television set. (The electricity was still on at that time, obviously.) Just then we both realized the magnitude of this "black out"! And all of a sudden my loss seemed so insignificant. The news report gave account of entire states caught in this stupid black out! At this time, my wife and I were speculating, "Is this another terrorist attack??" Although, almost immediately the news agencies were saying that apparently no terrorist attack was involved with this wide-spread electrical outage.

    Then the power went out again. And it remained out for several hours. During this time, I simply went to bed to catch a few "zzzz's" before going to work that night.

    When I woke up, the lights were back on. Actually, it was the lights themselves that woke me right up!!! Bang! Bright light in the eyes!!

    I had left the bedroom light switch on! :chuckle

    I quickly turned on the television to get an idea of where things were with regards to this tremendous black out. The television news reporters were stating that lights were beginning to come back on for various regions of the effected area. This was good news. Of course, the news reporters started speculating the cause of this outage. This began to seem like the usual "three ring circus" as the television news reporters kept on speculating and discussing and theorizing! So I turned off the "boob tube" and went down to recheck our studio equipment.

    Thankfully, I found one of the devices to be working again. Don't know how it happened, but it managed to turn itself on (which it didn't do before) and work properly. This brought me great relief! The other device is still not working. We're going to need to replace it. However this one device only costs around $300.00. We can afford this.

    As for all of the people in bigger cities and towns who were caught in the electrical black-out: my heart goes out to them. . . especially those in New York City. . .

    Being caught in an elevator or subway or busy street traffic must have really "blown the big one" when the electricity went out! And yet it appears that people, for the most part, kept their cool! And for everyone who did keep their cool during a most disturbing time. . . my hats off to you!

    I can't say that I was a shining example of coolness when our lights went out.

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  9. by   fergus51
    It's funny. I didn't realize the extent of the blackout either. I thought it was just downtown Toronto It wasn't until I phoned a friend that I found out the truth (she had a car radio). It is so strange how completely cutoff you are from the rest of the world when that happens (no news at all!),
  10. by   Brownms46
    I'm very sorry to hear of the trials of those who have had to live thru this! I couldn't image being in this situation. Today my daughter wanted to go to the store to buy batteries, even though we supposedly have no chance of this happening here! But neither of us are too sure of that, so out to buy batteries we went!

    You know I guess it's a sign of the times now, that when the lights go out, people start wondering if it's a terrorist attack or not! Sad...really sad that these are the times in which we now live!

    I hope all is well and back to "normal" soon for all those who have had to deal with this. Ted I hope you don't have to buy a new machine, as enough bad things happen to good people for my taste already! And fergus, I'm glad you have money and food now, as it was quite distrubing to read that part of your post. My first thought was MY God how to we get something to her?? Whew glad no more worries there.. Stay safe everyone
  11. by   fergus51
    LOL!! It was pretty stupid of me. I don't really cook, so I don't keep much food in the house. And with interact, I hardly ever carry cash This has taught me a valuable lesson (I am ALWAYS going to have some cash on hand, as well as a few flashlights and some food)
  12. by   RainbowzLPN
    Here in central Pa, we didn't lose power, but I was @ work, & we had a code brown from about 3 pm on Thurs till late last night. It didn't really disrupt work but it was weird to go into rooms that we had the lights off to preserve.
  13. by   live4today
    Gee...I never thought about not being able to withdraw cash from the ATM in times like that! I don't keep much food in the house either so I would have been up shick's creek had that happened here in our town.
  14. by   Brownms46
    Well I don't keep hardly any cash on me either. I use my debt for just about everything. But food...I do try to keep that in here, but my daughter lives with me. Maybe if I were single there wouldn't be that much here either. I think I'm going to just keep some money in the house, just in case something like this ever happens here. Sure hoping it doesn't though.

    Edited to say: Anyone who hasn't taken a peek at my grandbaby, please rush over to the "Come one Come all" thread