Pope John Paul rushed to hospital

  1. pope john paul ii has been rushed to hospital in rome suffering from breathing difficulties brought on by flu, the vatican has confirmed.

    the vatican said in statement that the pope, 84, was suffering from an acute respiratory infection.

    he was admitted to the gemelli hospital as precaution and is not in intensive care, the vatican said.

    the pope also suffers from parkinson's disease and painful joint conditions.

    he was forced to cancel all engagements for the coming days after coming down with flu on sunday. he has been running a high temperature since then, a vatican source told the bbc's david willey in rome.

    breathing crisis

    the pope was taken to the gemelli hospital at about 2300 local time (2200 gmt).

    "the flu which has been affecting the holy father for three days was complicated with acute inflammation of the larynx [throat] and laryngo-spasm," vatican spokesman joaquin navarro-valls said in statement


    the pope is ailing.
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  3. by   Nurseboy1
    While I am only a "heathen":chuckle protestant, I do hope that the Pope is able to recover from his illness.
  4. by   leslie :-D
    religion or one's faith are irrelevant.
    the Pope has been on a steady decline for yrs now.
    i can only pray for recovery and that he is comfortable.