Poll on Anthrax Hoax's

  1. Our local news station did this poll and I was wondering what you guys thought.
    Should the news report all Anthrax hoax's to the general public or keep them quiet to avoid giving the person the publicity they are craving?
  2. Poll: Report all anthrax hoax's,or keep them quiet to avoid feeding the frenzy

    • Yes, keep quiet and stop feeding the frenzy

      81.25% 13
    • No, announce all hoax's we have the right to know

      18.75% 3
    16 Votes
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  4. by   BlueBear
    Forewarnedis forearmed! I say give me the info and then I will decide what to do with it!!!
  5. by   KC CHICK
    The police depts. in this area are being flooded w/"anthrax" calls from 'Joe Blow' and his family. There has even been a statement made by local authorities for citizens to "use their heads before they call". The depts. cannot keep up with the overload of these kinds of calls w/all the regular calls they get everyday. I understand the 'right to know' stance, however, people just don't think!!

    "Why would a terrorist send anthrax to an uninfluential citizen that makes 20,000.00 or less a year anyway.....really??" (a quote from Darren) Right now it seems the concentration is on capital hill politicians and 'big time' news anchors.
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  6. by   donmurray
    That's talking sense!...........Over here the govt are rushing through a new law. You can get 5-7 years for bomb hoaxes already, (courtesy of our Irish troubles) and it is being extended to include hoax bioterrorist letters. As to those whose fear overtakes their common sense, what can you do but keep on pointing out that the terrorist wants a high publicity return on his actions, and they will go for high visibility targets.
    Maybe the police should first ask callers, "Why do you think you are important enough to be a target?"