Police Called to Ways and Means Committee

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    >>>The Democrats said they needed more time to review some changes in the legislation after getting them only the night before.

    When they could not to get a line-by-line reading of the bill, a common parliamentary tactic, they walked out and gathered to talk in a library at the back of the meeting room. Thomas, who has a reputation for being blunt, had his staff call the cops.

    Democrats said Thomas called police to get them out of the room. Republicans said the police were called because one Democrat, Rep. Pete Stark of California, got out of hand. <<<

    this is a worry for me
    could our country be headed for another civil war?
    when I think of Bosnia or Rwanda
    or countless other places
    I feel concern....

    the way the word 'liberal' is used on radio shows such as Sean Hannity....
    the way some get carried away with "Eat the Rich"
    the way humans are prone to dehumanize opponents
    scares me

    I want the Democratic party to stand up
    of course they should have time to view legistlation
    but I want no one to come to blows...
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  3. by   passing thru
    Surely you jest, Maureeno.

    Remember Waco and a dozen other places?

    Our government does not tolerate native dissenters.
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    Remember Robert K. Dornan?
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  5. by   maureeno
    if I remembered the spelling
    this is a term for a phobia
    ---fear/anxiety of bad men--

    seems like this is the mass illness of our times
    an atavistic paranoia
    "better get the other before it gets us!"

    many stories tell of the collapse of the thin veneer of civilization...
    we have already moved from 'get real' to 'in your face'
    we are stretched to extremes
    susceptible to the furies

    Bob Dornan is famous for punching Democrat Tom Downey
    on the House floor in the 1980s
    during debates about funding the right wing Nicaraugan contra-revolutionaries.
    the measure was defeated;
    but that did not deter the Reagan White House
    who then secretly sold arms to Iran
    to get the money.
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  6. by   Mkue
    House Ways and Means Committee, actually called the police to restrain Rep. Pete Stark, California Democrat, who they said was about to start a fight in the committee yesterday morning.
    After being told to "shut up" by Rep. Scott McInnis, Colorado Republican, Mr. Stark, according to the hearing transcript, said: "Oh you think you are big enough to make me, you little wimp? Come on. Come over here and make me. I dare you. You little fruitcake. You little fruitcake. I said, you are a fruitcake."

    According to the Washington Times.. the police were called to restrain Democrat Pete Stark-California Democrat, b/c he was about to start a fight.
  7. by   teeituptom
    He probably was a fruitcake and a wimp.
  8. by   maureeno
    Saturday, July 19, 2003 - Last updated 5:17 a.m. PT

    Capitol police called in House dispute
    >>>There Stark had stayed behind, and was protesting Republicans efforts to push through their bill quickly.

    Apparently believing he had heard a challenge from a Republican, he said, "You little wimp. Come on. Come over here and make me. I dare you."

    Laughter began to ripple through the room as Stark added, "You little fruitcake. I said you are a fruitcake."

    Stark's remarks were directed at Rep. Scott McInnis, a 50-year-old Colorado Republican who later said the 71-year-old Stark "threatened me with physical harm. It was entirely appropriate for the chairman of that committee to call the sergeant at arms and the Capitol Police so order in the committee could be maintained."

    Jessica Gissubel, Capitol Police spokeswoman, said officers believed "it wasn't a desperate cry for help. There was no sense of imminence. There was no impression anybody was in danger."<<<

    a 71 year old calls a 50 year old a fruitcake, people laugh, the police deny danger

    The Washington Times, founded in May 1982 by Rev. Sun Myung Moon
    is well known for bias....
    somehow they missed the remarks of the police spokeswoman....

    I think both sides need some restraint
    name calling is a first step on the 'dehumanize the other' trail

    it is not that I do not appreciate and share the Democratic party's frustration
    the modern day Republicans ruthlessly wield their power like
    the mythical Greek giant Procrustes
    who used to stretch or shorten captives to make them fit in his beds
  9. by   bedpan
    I think both sides need some restraint
    Oh the smile which came upon my face when I read that line and got this mental image of our politicians placed in restraints!
  10. by   maureeno
    hey bedpan
    come to think of it
    I am highly proficient
    in this very thing!

  11. by   Ted
    Way too much fricken' paper work. . .

    (not a bad idea, though. . . for the lot of them . . . )

    (Then there's chemical restraints. . . I mean the heavy stuff like versed. . . it can happen. . . .)

    (Don't mind me. . . I'm just dreaming. . . . )

    (I also like to use ". . . " and . . . " ( ) " . . . . )

  12. by   roxannekkb
    Have you ever watched how the British MPs go at it? None of this formal stuff that you can't understand, they just say it like it is. And every week they get to grill their prime minister. There's no censure, no prohibits on junior MPs from talking, or anything. Everyone can speak their mind. And it's really important that they get to directly confront the Prime Minister every week. None of this hiding behind closed doors stuff.

    Poor Tony Blair, he's really getting lambasted now. There last session before summer break was said to be quite an experience for Tony.:roll

    But I guess that's what happens when your someone else's poodle. (That's how he is commonly referred to in the UK, as Bush's poodle.)
  13. by   Q.
    Originally posted by teeituptom
    He probably was a fruitcake and a wimp.
    Why? Because a Democrat said so? Yikes, you scare me Tom.
  14. by   maureeno
    the 50 year old who told the 70 year old to shut up
    has a web page showing him? roping a calf